Warehouse Price Promise - Updated 20/9/22 (No More 10% Extra)

The Warehouse have just updated their price match policy and no longer beat by 10%.
Thanks to Chubbz who pointed this out.
Thought the forum might be a better place to reference this

Details of the policy here and copied below.

What is The Warehouse Price Promise?

We’ll match any competitor's price.

  • Please present proof of a competitor’s current advertised price e.g. a mailer, quote, press advert or screenshot of website (current and dated) or your original receipt if seeking a refund, ensuring all Price Promise terms and conditions are satisfied outlined below:
  • Product must be in stock at both our store and the competitor’s store at the time of the price promise request and must take place within 7 days of the price being advertised by the competitor.
  • Item needs to be same (exact) model or item, in its original packaging and must be a standard stocked item and from a NZ based retailer.
  • Products lowered in price cannot be combined with any other TWL or competitor’s promotion or credit offer, or with any trade terms, direct purchasing from the supplier or limited quantity offers.
  • Customer needs to provide proof of competitors current advertised price e.g. competitor mailer, quote, press advert or screenshot of website (current and dated), or an original receipt if seeking a refund.
  • Claim must be lodged within 7 days of purchase or lower price being advertised. For online price matching, the product must have the same barcode, be priced on the same day, have the same freight costs, be from a NZ based retailer with a valid NZ website and be delivered from within NZ only.
  • Price Promise includes school lists/packs during the Back to School campaign and parallel imported fragrances.

Exclusions and exceptions include the following:
Excludes gift cards, POSvA cards, vouchers, phone cards, stamps, daily deal websites, auction sites, overseas retailers, commercial quantities, stock liquidations/liquidators, all clearance products, limited quantity offers, store opening deals at either our or the competitor store, direct-from-supplier purchases and most parallel imported products.
To redeem the Price Promise in store, bring your proof of price in store and ask a team member.

To redeem the Price Promise online, contact our Customer Care Team.

The Price Promise may be terminated or amended at any time without notice and is subject to The Warehouse’s usual terms and conditions of trade.

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    Pretty pointless price-matching - I would always prefer to purchase from whoever is actually the cheapest, otherwise I am rewarding TWL (in this case) for being more expensive up front.

    If there are other factors (freight or anything else of value), that means TWL becomes cheaper overall by 'matching the price' then I would buy from them, but my reading of their terms above in the OP is that freight will be taken into account, so unlikely I will be bothering to consider price-matching at TWL going forward.

    Be interesting to see if they will price-match to an offer from the other end of the country, if there is no freight option (click and collect only for example).


    • +2

      Especially if they put a limit of only one item for price beating. Chemist Warehouse introduced this fairly recently, but could be staff or store dependant.

  • +6


    Still good for PNS deals from a different region, but no extra 10% off is disappointing.

    • Not really a surprise though.
      When I emailed them a month ago they responded that the policy was with their legal team for review.
      I requested they update me of any changes - will see if I get a personal reponse!

    • Agreed on the PNS deals - I think you posted that prior to my noting above :-)

  • +1

    If anyone is interested in taking advantage of this for a few more days, I suspect you might have luck doing this in-store since the customer service desk has a large printed sign beside the counter with all the terms which may take a little time for stores to update?

    • I like it :-)

      • probably should have noted to make sure you consult your own ethics on this first
        And be prepared for rejection or to stand your ground when they try and decline it lol

        • +1

          If the sign is there, I don't see an issue myself :-)

  • +4

    We finally killed it

    • +21

      I miss the old Warehouse. The multiple codes Warehouse. Beat by 10% Warehouse. Reusable shipping codes Warehouse.

      • Kanye
      • My best buy was an Xbox one s I picked up about 5 years ago, once I'd sold a couple of included games I didn't want, it came out to about $180. Great stuff.

        • +2

          $180. That's bloody good. I have an Xbox highlight too. The Xbox S. Got it for $400. The Warehouse had a glitch where you could buy $10 gift-cards for $5. So here I am, giving the lady behind the counter 20+ gift cards + MarketClub $ off + cash for an Xbox. Took ages to collect that many because it only could only be done online and they had to be delivered. Could have gotten it for cheaper, but I got over waiting.

          Hard to beat this glitch though.

    • +6

      Cheapied by the millions of Whittaker orders lol

      • +1

        It might have been the $0.30 bars last year :-)

  • +1

    Not surprisingly, Warehouse Stationery updated to the same terms

    Next will be Noel Leeming stopping the FlyBuys on a price match.

    • +1

      That equals a price beat (currently) to me, so they still get the opportunity for now.

      • Flybuys are so worthless thou, I spent $220 at NLG the other day and got 4 points (they dont even round up). Given it takes like 28 points to get $5 at New World - that means they are worth around 17c worth - so on a $200 spend at NLG - 71c bonus - sure better than nothing, but not far of nothing either.

        I wouldn't reward poor pricing (as you mentioned in your first post in this thread) which I totally agree with - for that low amount.

        • Kind of agree, but it still puts them in the game for me, as they would be beating the best price I can get otherwise.

    • I doubt it. They market that so heavily.

  • +1

    As long as they still match prices from stores across the country. Its tolerable, but the loss of 10% will be missed.

  • +1

    Well, at least the online reps will all completely and utterly understand the updated terms and conditions of the company they work for (sarcasm doesn't really come across too well with a keyboard).

    On a serious note… This is a real shame. It simply means I won't purchase from them nearly as often as I normally would. A price match doesn't mean much to me at all.

    • +1

      actually the online reps may not be fully up to date yet, and I got 10% extra off via price promise today (21/09/2022). the person said there was a technical issue and he seemed to have over ridden it by giving me the extra 10% off. Going forward, with the $5 off $50 discount via app is almost 10% off if it happens the final amount is around $50.

  • Disappointing but many companies only use a "price match" or "price beat" message to position themselves for marketing purposes as having the lowest prices/won't be beaten on price - and they don't expect many people to actually use it! For The Warehouse it seems too many people were actually using it so they dumped the 10%. Thanks for letting us know.

    • +1

      it was us :-D

      • +1

        I suspect that too many people were doing it online and they couldn't be bothered. There as a lot of consolidation, and they now own multiple retail brands. Consumers end up missing out.

      • I have no doubt. I knew this was coming once I saw posts about people buying Whittaker's etc in stupidly high quantities.

    • +1

      Most don't use it.
      I can speak from experience (Bunnings) in that the percentage of transactions that are conducted using a price match is very small.
      The Warehouse would certainly have more transactions going through than Bunnings but I'm sure the percentages would be similar.
      Some customer groups (Cheapies for example!) would make up a disproprtionate number of the total population who engage in price match / price beat but overall it is still small. A lot of the time it would still be above cost price and even includng the instances where there is a margin loss the overall impact on the bottom line is minimal.

      The key difference is that The Warehouse don't scream about their best price guarantee these days - it doesn't even feature in their advertising like it used to (remember the 'Where Everyone gets a Bargain…..and the lowest price guarantee' advertising messages for those old enough to recall).
      It is a much more prominent feature of Bunnings / Mitre 10 so less likely to get removed from their advertising than The Warehouse who I am sure have just decided they don't need it so why bother.
      I think they just made their own policy too difficult to interpret and this is the easiest option.

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    They seemed to be making it harder and harder to price beat so this doesn't come as much of a suprise, but still disappointing. The were so price competitive before, but not so much anymore.

  • Oh well, this might sway me to buy local/Kmart now. I only purchased via TWL because of their price promise.

    • KMart seem to be giving TWL a real spanking in the last few years, so I have to agree.

      However, far fewer stores I think, so not as convenient for many people, outside of Auckland especially.

      • +1

        Plus Kmart's online shopping experience is beyond crap. In my last 10 or so orders, 7 were cancelled, just like that.

        • I haven't tried KMart online, so couldn't comment, but interesting.

          Did they cancel as they were out of stock?

    • The Petone store isn't a very nice place to shop IMO. Very messy and not even any toilets for customers that I could find. Trash all over the place outside, as there are no bins as you go into the store. The warehouse is a nicer place to shop.

    • The matches can still be handy if there's a deal in a far flung Pak N Save, otherwise we're down to what, Briscoes, Chemist Warehouse, Bunnings and Mitre 10 for price beats.

  • +1

    You can still get the price match, and use the $5 marketclub coupon.
    Just beware, if you only have the item in your cart, they may price match and take the $5 into account.
    So make sure you have other things in your cart before you request the match. Then you may or may not decide to remove the other things…

  • +1

    Lame… it was a good way to get really good discounts on lego :(

  • Partner was just at The Warehouse, Hillcrest, and reckons some old mate was getting shitty at staff because they wouldn't give him an extra 10% off on 18 Whittaker's Hazella blocks. lol.

    • Was he wearing a Timex watch and/or a Fast hoodie?

      • There must almost be a cheapies uniform

  • Dang, had scored a ton of legos using price beat.
    Initially they used to price beat that lego store in netherlands which got the price down to almost half of the retail price. Then that went away.
    The BOGOH offers were also good for price beat if you had the discounted item in the cart prior to the start of the offer.
    But anyways, every good deal has an end and it was hella fun scoring the price beat and saving more than 50% of the cost! Good times!

  • +1

    What a shame, just learned of this tonight after trying a price promise. Our family utilized it frequently, we'd always shop at Warehouse because they made an effort to save us some cash over the other places. Now there's no point, price matches are usually worthless unless they're out of stock in the sale shop… otherwise I'd rather just shop at the place that had the cheaper price to begin with.

    Retail in NZ continues being it's half arsed self.

    • Even under the old terms, the price beat was not available if the item was out of stock elsewhere.

      The 10% was a great luxury, but the price promise (match) still has one really good benefit. If the item is on sale somewhere really far away, for example a Pak n Save on the other side of the country, or some local retailer etc and you can't actually order from them, you can still take advantage of their sale prices by getting The Warehouse to price match

  • From the warehouse point of view, they don't really need to offer 10% discount, as this may be lead to a loss in some cases. People who made to effort to price match is unlikely to buy another few other high margin items. The price promise gives the general impression of being of lower cost for most people, but as someone noted in the forum most people don't use price promise anyway (unlike people in cheapies). it's a commercial decision to maximise profit.

  • I just had an interesting experience with Jess from online chat help. I tried to have her match an echo dot 4th gen to the current Noel Leemings price which is about $10 cheaper than the warehouse currently have it for. She flatly denied the request pointing to this clause - "Products lowered in price cannot be combined with any other TWL or competitor’s promotion or credit offer, or with any trade terms, direct purchasing from the supplier or limited quantity offers."
    She has interpreted that as meaning that they, the warehouse, won't price match products that are on "promotion" and the echo dot being on sale was on "promotion" when I questioned her meaning of this and explained it actually meant that the matched price couldn't be combined with another warehouse offer, she just refused and said that matching anything on a competitor sale was a no.

    Funnily I've done a bunch of matching last couple of weeks no problem. But for some reason Jess has a unique and limiting view of the clauses.

    • +3

      cut her off and try another agent.

      They have a total lack of understanding of their own rules.

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