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Goldair Platinum 2000W Electronic Panel Heater with Wi-Fi $87.30 Delivered (with MarketClub, or $97 + Shipping) @ NL, The Market


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Really good 2kw heater with wifi capabilities using the app. This is my 3rd one in the house now. Bought this with discount last year at $159 but $97 is unheard of and looks like a pricing error since it's not even considered under "sale" or "clearance" from Noel Leeming.

I picked mine up today and the salesperson told me it's a damn good price, so much so that it's under cost price. Sounds very much like someone made an error.

Wifi works great, sometimes finicky but haven't had issues owning the unit for 3 years now.
There is a white equivalent that sells for $249 at Mitre 10 and they are exactly the same, just different color.

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  • Noel Leeming comments aren't particularly positive. Anyone had major issues with these before?

    • Here are more reviews. https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/goldair-platinum-convector-pa… Same heater, different color.
      I have my app working for me on my android phone without issues. I use it to turn it on and off, set timers and temp. Wifi heaters / anything usually cost a lot more, so i'd be hard pressed to find anything cheaper.

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      • Alot of complaints about it being noisy in the bedroom

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    Thanks OP, purchased one for $77 (and using a $20 off referral code, with $3 of chocolate and free shipping)

  • This one also seems very cheap from Noel Leeming ($43 via the market with codes).


    • Where do you get $43 from via The Market?
      It’s $47 as it’s not eligible for any current coupons as far as I’m aware.

  • are these better than a oil heater?

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      They are different, that’s it. Other than heatpump, all heaters are just resistive heating devices and 2kw is the same no matter the device.

      The difference comes with things like built in fans, convince, safety, thermostats, timers, how long you’ll be running it for etc.

      • Is there one that you'd consider to be an overall 'best' heater?

        • I'd recently switch from oil column to micathermic. Certainly alot faster at heating and quiet too.

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            @The Hound: Excluding heatpumps.

            I like convection heaters the best.

            Oil is too heavy to move around and takes too long to heat up.

            Fan and radiant heaters are ?probably? a slightly higher fire risk if you place them to close to other objects.

            • @kiwijunglist: Thanks! I was wondering also about the oil free type, there seems to be more of these available now. Maybe taking over the oil ones?

  • Out of stock at the Market but still some left at Noel Leeming. https://www.noelleeming.co.nz/p/goldair-platinum-2000w-elect…

  • Ahh missed out.

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