Wise Scam Victims?

So I recently joined a Facebook group called "Bali Bogans" (lots of Aussies in there) and someone posted asking which card was the best for international transactions and atm withdrawals.

Surprisingly not a lot of people mentioned Wise. And when they did mention Wise, someone would post a group called "Wise Scam Victims" where people have had their accounts suspended out of the blue and money sometimes returned and sometimes not.

Anyone know what's up with Wise? I've used it for one year now and it's sketching me out seeing the posts on "Wise Scam Victims"


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    Mitigate your downside risk by keeping minimal funds in Wise account. I find Wise to be very secure, like having to enter ur PW each time to grab the virtual CC details.

    • I agree.
      I've had my Wise account for about 10 months now and have found it to be excellent.
      Other than the glitch last week where you couldn't generate new virtual cards for a couple of days I have had no issues at all.
      I have only about $50 in NZD in there and about $300 AUD but that is as much as I would have to minimise risk.
      The ability to freeze/defrost individual cards and also seleect whether you want contactless/atm withdrawal etc is great.

      Wise is worldwide so there will always be groups who get disgruntled and want to tell everyone about it but as a percentage of satisfied customers overall, I would say they are pretty small in number.

  • I haven't had a problem with Wise either. I have about 2k in there, just worried after seeing a few groups with members saying their accounts had been closed for no reason

    • For my piece of mind it also has over 172,000 reviews on Trustpilot with a 4.5 star rating.
      There are some negative reviews as well but like everything you have to weigh up the pros & cons and for me the benefits outweigh the risks.

  • I've had a transferwise account for maybe 5 years or so and have had no problems. I've only recently been using the card features though and only have about $130 in my NZ account.

  • I’ve been on Bali Bogans for years. Have heard Wise, formerly Transferwise mentioned a ton and never anything bad? I’ve had a Wise card for quite a few years and never had any trouble. Have had AUD, IDR and JPY on it along with making multiple international payments

  • I thought that the scammers were using wise as a way for the scammers to get sent money from the victim?

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