[Joke Post] Tiny House 'Barrie' $74,999.40 (Was $124,999.00) + Delivery (1 Available) @ Idiya

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Bit of a fun one. IDIYA have 40% off everything they sell that's 'IDIYA' branded, including this Tiny Home.

1 in stock in Pokeno.

Unspecified delivery costs not included.

Description from them as follows:

The Barrie Tiny House is a great design for couples and small families.

It accommodate two separate sleeping lofts, a full Kitchen, and space for laundry. The non-traditional double shed roof line adds more space, dimension and intrigue, and clears the way for light to stream in through strategically placed clerestory windows, optional skylights, and full glass doors. The main loft is accessed with stairs that can contain storage compartments, rather than a ladder. The kitchen includes space for stove and a counter with bar seating.

Get in quick to secure your purchase of this tiny house. It truly is very rare that we have a tiny house available for purchase new, as we are primarily a with a waitlist for deliveries stretching into the latter half of 2022. Contact us immediately to enquire about viewing this tiny house.

Delivery can be arranged to anywhere in New Zealand from Jan 2022, delivery costs excluded from asking price.

Viewings are at our Pokeno base by appointment only.

  1. Metal railing
  2. Pre plumbed gas line for water heater
  3. Pre plumbed pipe for air conditioner
  4. Clean water tank 120L With pump Grey water tank 100L
  5. Stander Ceiling Mounted Light
  6. Electric Facilities: Embedded wiring, Socket, Conduit, Switch, Outlet, Electric Box
  7. LED, Waterproof Taillight
  8. Stainless Steel Single Sink, Hot-cold water mixer, 18mm E0 particle board, Quartz stone bench top
  9. Integrated shower cabin & Shower faucet
  10. Waterless toilet, Faucet, washbasin, cabinet, mirror
  11. Double glazing Windows
  12. Painted Steel Trailer, Axle and wheel, All axles are equipped with electric brakes.
  13. Main structure: G550GD AZ150 light steel 0.75mm
  14. Roofing tile: 0.5mm Colorbond Sheet

Total: 27.58 m
Weight: 4410kgs
Tow hatch capacity: 6500 kgs
Fit for tow ball size: 58.7mm or 2-5/16 mm/inch
Length: 7.4M
Internal length: 7.05M
Width: 2.35M
Internal Width: 2.1M
Height: 4.05M
Bedroom 1: 1.853.41m (internal) good for double/queen mattress
Bedroom 2: 1.85
1.22m(internal) good for double/queen mattress
Bathroom: 2.11.52 m
Living: 2.1
1.97 m

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    Upvoted! This has got to be the most expensive bargain on cheapies to date.

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    Only 1 in stock? Was thinking of getting 4.

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    Any free shipping or BOGO codes? 😄

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    (If this a serious post) Is this a good price for a tiny home?

    • +1

      It's hard to compare. There's a very wide range.

      You can get cheaper, much crappier ones. But you can also get much nicer ones for several hundred thousand.

      From what I can see, most of the cost is the fact that it's on a trailer and mobile. You can get nicer, cheaper ones that are fixed placement.

      So for what it is specifically, it's probably a good price.

  • 27m2 is pretty impressive. It isn't much smaller than the smaller Volt Apartments on Queen Street at 37m2. And that figure includes the little balcony, so they're more accurately around 33m2.

  • Price seems good for a 2 bedroom tiny house. The construction however looks cheap?

  • +2

    Have heard awful stuff about the quality of Idiya stuff.

    Some family were looking at an idiya teardrop caravan. They went to view it and came back saying you'd be better off buying a crappy Save Barn caravan.

  • What do you Do with this when bought, do I need to buy land now somewhere in Auckland?

    • +1

      If you've got a boat big enough for it to fit, I am sure that would work as well. :D

    • Maybe it floats? 🤷‍♂️

  • Anyone know if minimum house sizes and various Council regulations make this a really expensive caravan instead of a really cheap home?

    • Not for sure. But I'd be 80% sure you are looking at a big impractical caravan. Will be fine if no one complains, but you'll likely end up having to move it every X months (depending on council) and keep it road worthy if someone does.

      Would be fine to plonk on a permanent site at a caravan park (though would likely need at least 2 sites), or in your backyard if it's not affecting the neighbours.

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    Yep ill chuck this one on laybuy $12,499.90 a week for 6 weeks 🤣

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    Are there any competitor stores that will price beat this by 15%? 😆

  • Shipping - Auckland (From Silverdale to Pokeno)$ 39.00

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