Dashcam Recommendations ~ $100

Hi there, just wondering if you guys had any dashcam recommendations?
Budget is around $100
I see the 70mai M300 and ddpai mini are in this range. Anyone have experience or feedback with either of these?

On a side note for those with dashcams, do you generally leave them in your car? Or do you remove it when you park up? I’m wondering if its more susceptible to breakins and theft with the cam being visible?

Thanks in advance


  • I got the Transcend DrivePro 10 ($109 from PB Tech) a few months ago, it seems good to me. I would never remove it when I park.

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    LTT do a breakdown of different dash cameras at different price points.
    They mainly use the same sensors. Worth checking it out on youtube, might not cover the exact ones on the nz market but gives an insight.

    I use one that straps onto the center mirror, just leave it on all the time.

    • I remember I watched it partially at least, was the tldr just they are overpriced?

      • That it doesn't matter really what one you buy as the sensors are basically from the same manufacturer and the quality is marginally better between spending $300 vs $50.

        • I must have only watched the first part, I remember something about linus saying something about $$$ for a camera.

  • There are many cheap dash cams on the market these days so I don't think they make you a target, i.e if a thief saw it I don't think they would break a window just to take one.

  • I have a 70mai a500s, records events even while parked & came with a rear camera as well. Works great, the app also seems to work well so you can just download the videos straight to your phone.
    Cost me $130 from theMarket, had to get a wiring harness from Aliexpress so probably $150 all up + sd card.
    70mai's cheaper cams are probably good too, whatever you get, I'd recommend something with wifi.

    • How does the WiFi work? What AP is it connecting to? Is it your home WiFi? If so, what is the range it would work over (since it might be outside, and have to go through at least one exterior wall, and maybe one or more interior walls)?



      • Automatic backup then roll over deletion on the sd card sounds great.

      • The camera has it's own wifi network you connect your phone to, then you open the app and can change settings, download video etc.
        I'd imagine the range is only several metres from the camera, and the wifi is only on when the camera is turned on.

        • Ah - that makes sense. Thanks!

    • I have the same dashcam and its a great budget cam. highly reccomend spending a bit more for it

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