Vodafone Broadband Price Increase for Fixed Term Contract (but Allows You to Renew a New Contract)

Vodafone broadband customers would have received a notice of a $6 increase per month from 29 Sep 2022. this includes people on fixed term contract.


this could be considered as a unfair contract terms for unilaterally changing price for a fixed term contract, and the citizen advice bureau suggested one could contact Telecommunications Dispute Resolution or report it to the Commerce Commission.


Vodafone had tried to insist on a early termination fee will apply if you leave them but they would happy to offer you a new fixed term contract.

in my case, my previous fixed term contract has about 6 months to run, (having $200 credit at the beginning of the contract), and to save time (rather than going through the dispute resolution or Commerce Commission), I have negotiated a new fixed term contract for another year, (at the $6 price increase), but another $200 credit. (so effectively getting $400 credit for a 18 month term) with the extra $6 per month for a year.

Just want to share renewing a fixed term contract as an option (so at least you can limit the $6 price increase to some extent).

if you wish to negotiate a new contract, please ring vodafone and directly ask to put through to the retention team (so save them).

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    Just coming off their combined TV and broadband service so I'm shopping around for the best deal

  • I just finally left after 15 years a customer. They were marginally cheaper but always such a ballache. After VFTV, this was the last straw (I know this is a lines increase and not on them) . Zero cares were given when leaving.

  • For people with contract about to end then, it would make sense to leave and find a better deal elsewhere. E. G. Skinny 3 month deal. But if you have an existing contract with many months to run, then it would make sense to get another lot of credit by renewing an existing contract effectively getting some credit to counter the price rise. Also it is worth contacting the retention person everytime just before contract expire to see if there is a better deal.

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    I completely agree. Fixed term contract means just that. No price changes until the contract expires. Otherwise, it's not fixed. The telco companies are getting away with this, and it's so wrong.

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    Vodafone had tried to insist on an early termination fee will apply if you leave them but they would happy to offer you a new fixed term contract.

    Hey @gooddeals - I’m not sure where this message came from, but the information I’ve seen (internally) says that our retentions team can waive ETCs if an in-term customer isn’t happy with this change or any of our suggested alternatives.

    I’m happy to pass on any feedback/escalations to the team handling this if you (or anyone else) feel like you’ve been misinformed about these changes.

    Edit - before I forget - if you have Super Wifi and are still within the 24 month period on that, then those charges won’t be waived if you terminate. I’m not sure about the contract side of that (not a lawyer), but it’s not part of the broadband service that the price increase applies to.

    • Thank you, Konfusd on following up on this. This was not the case unfortunately when I made the call to the Vodafone retention team on the 17th August 2022, the person had contacted his team manager at the time of the call, and insisted that early termination fee will be charged if I tried to leave, despite me having indicated this is an unfair contract, etc.. (and I have indicated that the Skinny free 3 month deal at a lower monthly fee was better) so the current offer I took was worse that this. They suggested provide alternative downgraded plan instead (as per website) and insisted several times that the early termination fee will be charged. So it would be helpful to pass the team to investigate this further as the call would have been recorded on that day? Or provide me link to escalate. I understand the prior documentation for vodafone on price changes (a few years ago) were better, as they acknowledged that early termination fee won't be charged on the website clearly and this is not the case this time round.

  • I just signed another 1 year contract 2 months ago. Am I be able to negotiate for another $200 credit? Two months ago, they increased the price for $10 that I was going to move to another supplier. After talking to their customer retention team, they gave me $200 to sign a new one year contract. Now they gonna increase another $6. Sneaky baster!!!

    • is it ok please to ask what plan that you are on to qualify for 200 credit ? is that the promotion offer or just call Vodafone service to receive that ? thank you for your help

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        Sounds like you can exit from your current contract if you wish to seek a better deal than $200 credit.

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        I was on Fiber 100 plan. Two months ago, Vodafone emailed me and said Fiber 100 plan is no longer available and they would switch me to Fiber 300 plan with extra $10. So I told I would cancel my account and move to another supplier. Then their customer retention team offered me a credit of $200 for signing another one year contract but the price is still $10 extra. Now I got the email to increase another $6 per month. You just need to call them and talk to customer retention team. They will offer you $200 credit.

        • I got switched to fibre 300 automatically a while back at no extra cost to my fixed term contract. So did you get $400 over the period of 2 to 3 months for renewing another contract?

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