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Whittaker's Chocolate Blocks 250g $4.19 @ PAK'n SAVE, Tauriko ($3.78 via Pricematch at The Warehouse)


PNS Tauriko has Whitakers at $4.19, cheapest it has been in a while.

You can price match this online for $3.78 a block with the warehouse

You then also use the $5 off with the market discount.

Talk to an agent online!

How to pricematch
The Warehouse Whittaker's

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    $3.99 at PNS Tamatea & Upper Hutt

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    $3.99 (PnS Upper Hutt) x 0.9 (10% Warehouse Price Beat) x 14 (blocks) - $5 MarketClub Discount = $45.26

    $45.26 / 14 = $3.23 per block

    Not as good as the $3 "PR stunt" by FreshChoice allowing you to price beat at the warehouse for $2.44 per block (19 blocks)

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      I got mine at just under $1 a block due the agent applying the discount to the cart lol…

      • lmao xD Nice one

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        They must have someone new working. I just did my order and got 19 blocks for $46.11 which to me says the agent applied the discount to the Pak n Sav price of $2.99 rather than $3.99 lol

        • Do you remember which agent you got on the warehouse?

          • @james12345: nah sorry, it was a name i didnt recognise though. And I use live chat oftem enough to recohnise most lol

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    Same as Tmurder91 above, just got 50 blocks matched. I may have put a typo and told Claire they were $2.99 at PnS waiting for her to correct me but she just put it through…..

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      50 blocks?? Better hope there's a cheapies deal for an insulin pump!

      • Jeez hope hes the kind of person to share them with friends an family otherwise he'll definitly need that

        • +2

          Christmas i think. i just got a measly 16 blocks at $2.69ea

          • +3

            @coffeee: Pretty much. Family are going overseas end of the year and they always take Whittaker’s as gifts for extended family and friends so just loading them up. May sneak a few myself though.

    • haha good on you testing your luck. Guess the whole concept of changing your store on the pak n save website is a bit much for them and so 'too hard' to check?

  • How do you get the $5 market discount?

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      It automatically applied for me on the cart page in the app when above $50. So 14 blocks total with discount = $47.78 or $3.41 each

      • Ahh okay I'm just buying a few so wont get the discount.

  • I got 25 😀. Thanks

  • Thanks. Still able to get a discount for 25 pcs. First agent declined me, tried again a couple of hours later and was able to pricematch at 3.99$ plus 5$ off.

  • Tenille says nope

  • Leigh price matched. came down to $3.34 a block (including $5 market club)

    • and George

  • How do you get The Warhouse price match on The Market? If I ask on warehouse online chat can they discount items in my Market cart?

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      Warehouse online chat will only deal with items from The Warehouse, through The Warehouse website.
      Even though The Market is also part of the same group it is really just a collection of a number of different retailers.
      You won’t get a pricematch through The Market.

      • Thanks. I guess what confused me is OP says to use Pricematch in conjuction with the "$5 off with the market discount", not sure how that's meant to work

        • Through The Warehouse app you can sign up to Market Club which gives you access to a range of weekly offers.
          One of the frequent offers (ie most weeks) is the $5 off $50 spend which is on now and is available both through the app and more recently the website too.
          That will be what @JADO was referring to. Other Market Club offers are only through the app.

          The Market has Market Club+ membership which gives you free shipping on purchases over $45.
          They are not the same - bit confusing I know.

  • Here's hoping that leaked Hazella flavour is real.

    • Available Monday onwards.

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