Is a legit site?

Just tried ordering some Pumas on this site
My VISA card didn’t go through, which made me think it could be a scam site.


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    I can't even get it to load properly which would indicate to me it's some cheaply hosted fake site. If you've entered your credit card details, well, I'd cancel that card.

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    Site is blocked by my asus router's AIProtection

    Even though your VISA card did not go through, it's likely that your card details have been stolen regardless. Please contact your bank immediately about this and have them re-issue you a new card

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    Scam for sure.
    Along with your VISA I would say it is worth checking your login details.
    If the account your setup uses an email and a password that is NOT unique to this site. I would suggest you work through changing those passwords immediately (especially if they relate to the email account itself, social media or banking)

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      Not OP but had a similar situation. This is great advice and I'm now changing all passwords. The password I used was used for 90% of everything. Serves me right for rejecting apples strong password recommendations for all these years.

  • Domain is pretty new and registered via an overseas registrar

    Yes that will be a scam site and recommend you freeze your card asap and contact your bank IMMEDIATELY

    Also no information on about or contact us pages to verify which is always a giveaway

    Domain lookup below

    domain_dateregistered: 2022-06-07T02:16:11+12:00
    domain_datelastmodified: 2022-06-07T02:17:43+12:00
    domain_datecreated: 2019-03-01T22:27:08+13:00
    domain_delegaterequested: yes
    domain_signed: no
    registrar_name: 1API GmbH
    registrar_address1: Talstrasse 27
    registrar_city: Homburg
    registrar_postalcode: 66424
    registrar_country: DE (GERMANY)
    registrar_phone: +49 6841 6984 200
    registrar_fax: +49 6841 66984 299
    registrar_email: [email protected]

    • A full whois lookup on the NZ registry shows the registrants details.

      • Hi what's the website?

      • yeah but I was being lazy at the time haha
        I happened to literally have a linux terminal open and a basic whois lookup only needed a single line command

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    Was the payment portal legit? Were you redirected to a payment processor? If you did, they can't get your details though that but still contact your bank.

    Site looks legit from a look around. Always use credit online as you're far more protected. Were did you find the site from?

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    I had the same issue with what I thought was a legit Lululemon NZ outlet store a couple of days ago. Luckily I ran a few checks before entering in my card details including calling Lululemon themselves to verify their legit urls. Didn't have any option to delete my personal details/account so in the end just changed them to gibberish and currently hoping it won't come back to bite me.

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      I've just taken a look at the website you've linked and it's almost exactly the same as the Lululemon scam site, down to the text and offers in the homepage banner and all the fields at the bottom + social media links. Definitely cancel the credit card IMO.

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        Hi possible to screenshot these two sites and highlight the similar parts so I learn what to look for myself.

  • There are many scam websites. Also many fake FB pages, even those that pay for "sponsored" ads or those with the blue "verified" tick icon cannot be 100% trusted.

  • is the legit Puma outlet portal for NZ.

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    Thanks everyone. Luckily no payment actually went through but since I did enter my card details I’ve put a block on the card through the BNZ app.

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      If you provided them your email and a password, have a think about weather that password was used for any other website.
      If you’ve used that same password elsewhere then recommend you go and update all those other sites unfortunately. Also time to install yourself a password manager like Bitwarden, 1Password, LastPass etc.

      If that password you gave them was unique, good on ya

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        Cheers. Luckily I did use the Apple generated password.

  • O my gosh,so even a website with a padlock could be a scam, how would a technically challenged cabbage like myself know/?

    • Just go in store and buy, don't buy online.

    • Padlock is only https secure, meaning your data is encrypted going from you to their server. They can still do what they want with your data once they have it

  • My brother just placed an order with a similar site ( which unfortunately looks like a scam. He's going to try reverse the charge but looks like $150 down the drain :(

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      If he used a credit card shouldn't he be able to do a chargeback

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    Should this website be report to NetSafe ?

  • I'd be contacting my bank ASAP to cancel the card

    Also hope you didn't create an account with a password you use anywhere else as that password is now compromised

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    Is a scam going on at the moment - basically ripping off site - the wife got done by

    They take your money and send you something (like a necklace / scarf etc) to confirm tracking

    They then say they will give you a small refund if you complain - if you do take up the offer of their refund they will close the chargeback case

    Used kiwibank - they said they are getting 5-10 calls a day about this scam mainly via shoe sites - new sites pop up daily so a bit like whack a mole

    The only way they could get the money back was for me to contact the original licensed site to confirm the site purchased from is not affiliated with them.

    They then did a fraudulent claim

    got a full refund in the end but took over a month

  • I called my bank and had the card cancelled. The bank confirmed that there wasn't any attempted charges but I did enter the details which is why I decided to cancel the card out of caution.

    I didn't really notice at the time because I was using my phone and half distracted by other things but there were a couple of red flags:

    1. The site makes you sign up before adding anything to your cart
    2. No payment portal, just a form to enter CC details
    3. When I entered my CC details (yeah, that was dumb of me) it said 'payment unsuccessful' and then redirected to another payment page which I suspect is where they actually take a payment.

    That was when I noped out of it.

    Anyways - I hope this thread helps more people be aware of these types of sites. It really did seem like a legit online store.

    The only real bummer for me is that I used that card for my various VPN'd subs (Youtube, Netflix, Tidal, Prime, etc) now I have to change them all 😅 (and it looks like Netflix has caught on to that one and requires mobile verification).

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