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TP-Link AV1300 3-Port Gigabit Passthrough Powerline Starter Kit $56.97 + Shipping / Pickup @ Noel Leeming


I know it's not everybody's cup of tea to use a PowerLine and it doesn't work everywhere, but I recently purchased 2 pairs of the non-wifi version of this for triple the price.
So, I think this one is a pretty good deal.

For those who don't know what a PowerLine is, it basically allows you to send your internet signal through your power lines in your house.
With a pair of this, I solved the internet issues in my office, for being too far from the router.
I also plugged one close to my Playstation to have a cable connection as well. It works pretty well in my home.

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    For review purposes:

    PB Tech
    Amazon AU

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    I purchased two pairs this morning. Keen to give them a go - I've never used power line networking before and at this price it's worth a shot.

    I'm having trouble using bridge mode with two Asus routers (some devices behind the bridge can't see other devices, seems the bridge router still does DHCP etc when it shouldn't) so hoping this will work better

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      It worked pretty well for me. Getting constant 250MB speeds in my office, where through wifi it would vary a lot between 30 and 140MBs.

    • Just a thought, if Asus routers support Aimesh why not enable it if you haven't tried that already.

      On second thought, if your asus routers are in bridge mode, then most likely the ip addresses would be assigned by your router/modem.

      • I haven't tried Aimesh yet. I don't need the second router to act as an access point really, just bridge between two wired networks. I read that Aimesh without a wired backhaul is slower than a simple bridge.

        Seems an Asus bug/limitation - when you put the router in bridge mode it still dishes out DHCP addresses to the devices behind it, effectively creating two networks. I only want one seamless network where all devices can see each other, and the primary router is the only DHCP server.

        • so in that case use this powerline adapter to create a wired backhaul and enable aimesh. That will give you one network and maybe you can even remove your primary router if possible and reduce inteference.

          Also, try changing the DHCP server ipaddresses range between 2 routers which might be causing a conflict.

  • I got a netgear one. Ok for browsing and YouTube. Definitely not ok for gaming, latency too high and too unstable. So I just run a few Flat Ethernet cables around the house, much better than powerlines adapter.

  • Powerline networking is a hell of a lot better than trying to use wifi extenders. Get one with inbuilt wifi (the one in this deal doesn't have it) and you're away laughing.

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    I had one many years ago on the same brand but different model, I found that the data transmission is inconsistent and sometimes lead to frustration because I watch a streaming and a sudden paused and had to switch power off/on upstairs and downstairs…. Now I have mesh wifi at home and it is a much more reliable network

    • The powerline adapters need a good connection to work efficiently. Quite often the outlet plugs have faulty switches resulting in drop-offs. When I had mine, I replaced both outlets. Of course, they must be plugged directly into the power outlet and not adapters or power strips or they won't work properly or not at all.

  • Does it support PoE? We have an AP with no power adapter, it works on PoE only.

    • No

  • New find Op!
    Any free shipping codes available?

  • I don't have an ethernet plug on my laptop. Just have one spare USB plug. Assuming this works if using an adapter?

    • Usb ethernet will work with drivers etc, just make sure both are usb 3.0.

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    Please note that it doesn't have a wifi and is ethernet only

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      That's not true, it does have a wifi capability according to their official website

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        That's not this model. You are not looking at the right model. This one is 8033p and not 8630p.

        • oh really?! seems weird to not have wifi nowadays

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            @SteveHK: Yup I ordered mine and later realized that this doesn't have wifi. Will cancel the order unless anyone else would like to take it

          • @SteveHK: Probably for the best. Many mobile devices don't transition well with wifi repeaters when walking around the house, and interference could mean significant speed degradation. (see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z-C3P6F-KY)

            Better to have a true mesh wifi network.

  • Will this be suitable for a ADSL Internet Connection?

    • powerline doesn't care about whether you're on ADSL, VDSL or Fiber.

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    you can get the AV2000 for like $100 or less on TM. I still have mine from years ago and I think I paid like $50 for it. You'd need to account for duplex speed and MIMO.

    Powerline adapters are kinda MEH though. My house has pretty good internal wirings and so I get max throughput. I never had any latency or performance issues. However, I noticed that the more stuff I have turned on in my house (especially during winter), the more random electrical interference I'll find. My internet isn't affected, but I do notice electrical interferences nonetheless. Like, everything is using electricity and the internet traffic is being transmitted via the electrical wires. It's just having too much interference on the electrical circuit. It's much easier to just use something like a Mikrotik Wireless Wire Cube. You get max throughput and it's very reliable over long distances between 1KM ~ 10KM, depending on what you get. The folks over at Geekzone recommend wireless wire or wireless wire cubes quite a bit for larger homes and I can vouch for its performance and reliability. Mikrotik sucks, but this particular product is actually great.

    BTW, I have the top of the line powerlines from TP-Link, D-Link and NetGear and I've tried them at various properties that I own. No issues with throughput, but you do notice occasional electrical interreference. I'd rather just invest a bit more in either proper ethernet wiring, OR use wireless bridge like the Mikrotik I mentioned (it is very good value for the price btw). If your electrical wiring goes bust or you run into any issues for whatever reason, you'd end up spending more getting an electrician to troubleshoot and fix the issues. Think about how your wires inside the walls are gonna have to be exposed.

  • When I posted this on the discord last Tueday it was shut down by other members - I agree very good buy considering this is brand new
    Personally changed my TP-Link AV1000 to this
    On my vdsl connection in an old house with shit wiring I get 52mb/s connected to the modem and about 51mb/s connected to the eop

    • Replace both the outlets as it is usually the switches on the outlets that are faulty on older houses.


      • I think this reply was meant for another comment?

  • Gutted I missed this. Been waiting for a special. Anyone find out it wasn't for them and want to sell?

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