Looking to buy new Kogan Mobile SIM cards from fellow Cheapies


Kogan SIMs delivery takes a while to reach me at the moment (been waiting for 3 weeks!). The online vouchers did arrive pretty quick via email but I need new SIMs to activate and apply those vouchers to. So, I'm wondering if there are some people here who have those unused SIM cards lying around, and would consider selling them to me? I'm based in ChCh, would consider paying for shipping too if you have many of them. TIA.


  • Are not SIM cards registered to original purchaser?!

    • An unregistered SIM card can be used by anyone.
      Whoever has the SIM can use it.

  • I'm in Auckland, but have one the SMALL pack available.

  • Sorry I cant help, But I feel you, I had this nightmare as well, codes in minutes and took over a month for one card to arrive out of 2 and the other 2 weeks later again after another followup and by then the codes expired and I had to then wait weeks for them to reactivate new codes - and in the meantime had to extend my previous plan with my old provider. Very frustrating. Roll on Esim support!

    • eSim would certainly make things easier/faster.
      Kogan in Oz have it - I've already got it sorted to use for the family when I go to Oz next month.

      • I spend a lot of time in AU ( a week a month at least ) so was thinking about signing up there with Kogan as my phone is dual sim and esim. The deal is not as good as in NZ as you cant call/txt NZ numbers unlimited like we can to AU on the NZ plans. They dont appear to even have this as an option, This is a a bit of a dealbreaker for me. Other providers do but it seems like an extra fee or included on very expensive plans, noone seems to include it by default on a cheap deal like we do in NZ .

        • The calling/txt limited to Oz sucks but the rest of the family only need it for the data so will be OK for us.
          Shame it's not the same deal as the NZ plan covering calls/txt to NZ and Oz.

          • @bigcheese: Sadly i think its a bit of insight into how unimportant NZ is to Australians in general vs the reverse.

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    Send me a message, I might be able to hook you up with some.

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    I have two sim cards which i dont need. I am in auckland. Happy to post it if you can cover the shipping

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    Hey im in auckland with some i dont need

  • Anyone in Hamilton have a spare sim? Wakrak? any luck

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