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Barkers Rockport Coach Jacket $60 (RRP $269.99) + Shipping ($0 with MarketClub) @ Barkers, The Market


I purchased one last year, worth the price and i guess will be good for this Fathers day gift?

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  • Got this jacket last time… really nice. Not bulky and puffy like the standard Macpac/Kathmandu winter puffer styles. Slightly more form fitting and perfect for casual/smart, dinners etc. Looks smart, really comfortable and good warmth too!

    • looks smart with that faded out "B" on it?

      • Yes I quite like it cos it’s not clear print and in your face but of course fashion is all quite personal isn’t it 😀

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    How warm is it?

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      Hi, I got one last year from Cheapies. I would say it works well on a spring evening, but for a winter day in AKL, you would still need a heavier jacket on top. I'm wearing mine today in AKL on a slightly crisp morning with a t-shirt underneath, and felt fine.
      The jacket is like a mid way to a puffer, but doesn't have that puffiness which makes you look like a dumpling. I wouldn't say it looks extremely smart or high end, but very casual/simple jacket for going to the shops or on a walk around the neighborhood.

  • The size chart is confusing. Jacket size M: chest 54cm? waist 52cm?

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    Would get one if it wasn't for the giant B on the chest

    • Thanks, I hadn't noticed that and would have annoyed me.

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      Speaking from someone who has one of these, it's hardly noticeable. It's faded like a sticker was on there and taken off.

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        I don't wear big brand logos out of principle, no matter how faded it may look.

      • Received mine. Its true, can't even notice the letter B. and if its about the brand, you won't even know its from 'barkers'. Wonder why its a big deal.

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    Just noticed that there're more size options on the Barkers' own website. I just ordered one for click and collect. Will be easier this way if it's not the right size.

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