This was posted 1 year 1 month 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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iPhone 11; 128GB $489.50, 64GB $389.50 (Minimum 24 Month Contract + $60 Plan) @ Vodafone


Not sure if a great deal, but it is an iPhone 11 (lower version, not Pro or Pro Max) at half price* (with the 24months + $60 plan min requirements).

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  • FYI used, undamaged iPhone 11s tend to go for $500-$600 on Trademe.

    Also this is the cheapest device to get into UWB with AirTags.

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    $60 plan for 24 months - yeah nah.

  • I don’t like that telcos are pushing the sale of phones with monthly plans. I don’t think you can buy a new iPhone from a telco without one which is a pain if you want to go in and buy outright

    • Completely agree, would rather go to JB and buy it outright for $775 and go on a prepaid plan. In a year or less its probably going to be a $600 or even less new or deemed obsolete by Tim (too many) Cooks in the Apple

    • BNPL firms like Afterpay made direct phone purchases much more accessible, as previously telco monthly plans were the only way most people could afford the latest iPhone. IIRC the very first iPhone was tied-in to AT&T in the US.

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    Just getting rid of old stock and enforcing you to an expensive plan?
    iPhone 14 will be released shortly.
    11 was released almost 3 years ago.
    Deal, but no deal.

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    Wow that's crazy expensive for 3 year old phone & $60 plan(which is expensive than kogan's large plan of 15gb & $13.75/month). They should be giving this for free on a $60 plan.

  • This is no deal at all.

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