Anyone bought an Emma-SLeep mattress and can refer me a friend for $50?

Does anyone have an account from a recent purchase at Emma Sleep (
We are looking to buy a mattress on there.

Apparently, you can refer a friend if you have an account and you get $50 straight to your bank account when I make my purchase.
The catch is you already should have made a purchase to be able to create an account.

Let me know if you have and I'll pm you my email.

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  • Is $50 the new discount?

    I see with have an Emma Sleep referral system setup here on Cheapies, but it reckons $30.

    $30 coupon for referred member ($290 Min Spend). $30 rebate for referrer paid to bank account (once 100 day trial is complete). Referrer must contact Emma to claim rebate, you will need to ask the referred member for their order number to claim (AFTER the 100 day trial is complete).


    Referral links & codes are prohibited almost* everywhere on ChoiceCheapies; this includes all deal, forum and classified posts and comments. Referral links & codes can however be added to our automated referral system from My Account - Edit - Referrals. Do not solicit referrals by any means (eg asking users to PM you or by drawing attention to the referral system). Affiliate links are prohibited on ChoiceCheapies.

    • Hi, thanks for this..I should have searched before posting, sorry.
      But yes, it is $50.
      Will use the random referral method.

      • Sweet. I'll put in a request for an update to the referral system ($30 to $50).

  • Wow they've gone up a lot since I got a couple of these a year ago. But it did used to be $50 store credit for referrals (which was completely useless to the referrer unless you want to buy another mattress)

  • We bought the Emma comfort last week, used the 40% off sale plus $50 referral discount plus 5% newsletter discount, came to about $690 for a double.
    It’s the same firmness as our $13000 sleepyhead firm mattress, but with a different feel, good so far.

    • $13,000. Have you typed an extra 0 in there by mistake? Or was that the RRP discounted 40-50% as retailers in NZ often do on beds?

      • It was an insurance replacement, the mattress retailed for $13000

  • How can we do the $50 referral?

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