Car Floor Mats

We are getting a car that doesn't come with floormats. The dealership is offering to sell branded ones at $160. There are about a thousand options cheaper than this at Repco, Supercheapauto, the Warehouse, and Amazon AU. Amazon won't let me filter for the specific model unfortunately. Looking for recommendations to narrow down my search. We don't have a dog and our son has many more years in a carseat, but this will be our main car and we like to do bushwalks, go to the beach etc.


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    Good quality ones are available from -

    • They have the specific model but are quite pricy still, are they worth it?

      • Are you wanting hearty, easy to wash rubber mats, or something a bit more carpety? I'm guessing the first option if you're outdoors a lot.

        As an example, we just got a Rav4 and the mats it came with are similar to the ones below:…

        Easy to clean with me water blaster.

        • Use code WELCOME5 for 5% discount at Rubbertree

    • Came here to say the same thing. Most second hand dealers get theirs from rubbertree too.
      They fit like a genuine set and are great quality.

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