TheMarket $20 Referral Coupon

Has anyone not received their $20 referral coupon recently after 'registering a friend' via TheMarket?

I referred a friend this morning and got the confirmation email stating "you’ve both earned a $20 reward!* A $20 coupon has been added to your account" yet no coupon has appeared in my account as of yet.

Curious to know if anyone else has had any issues lately.

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  • Yes this just happened to me received both notification and email but no coupons. I think they are tracking IP now

    • lol were people here just making a new account everytime for the referral credit $20 off $100 or whatever? I guess it makes sense, plus if you had a $2 voda sim to join marketclub for free freight..

      • After 10 million new member sign ups, they finally figured out something is not adding up lol

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          however, it's not free $20 voucher. To use this voucher, there is min spend $99 anyway. A business better than no business.

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    Have you contacted them?

    I did when I used a $20 off code a while back but then my order got refunded. Appeared back in my account one week later.

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      I just settled for 10% off in the end and didn’t bother contacting them to chase the $20 off code.

  • .
    Could somebody please explain how to forward The Market unique link to friends?
    Do you have to type it into a email to a friend.
    The folk at The Market Chat are very hard to understand .
    Nor do they have a telephone number

  • Thanks Wakrak
    I have been doing that,but I am a bit of a clutz when it comes to this sort of thing.
    I tap Copy link,then try tapping email envelope (1) but nothing happens to bring up email.!!!?

    • Do you mean on the picture below the referral link that takes you to the terms and conditions?

      I don't think it's meant to open up your email client. You have to do that yourself.

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      As per the comment from Wakrak that picture will just take you to the terms & conditions.
      If you click the copy link and then open up your email separately you can then paste the copied link into your email.
      Easiest way to do that is go to the body of you email message and press 'Ctrl and V' at the same time to paste in your copied link.

  • Great Thanks Guys

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    Happened to me as well recently. Just contacted the online chat support and they added it in 2 days.
    I think there's a glitch in their system.

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