Auckland Council Responsible Dog Owner Discount Online Test


I just found this online when checking if my dog licence had been renewed ok.

You can now do an online test to get the Responsible Dog Owner discount for Auckland Council dog licences, its just 20 questions about being a responsible dog owner.

Slightly late unfortunate as renewals were due in July but once you have the RDOL it stays with you from then on, so will be good for next year onwards.

Apply for a Responsible Dog Owner Licence (RDOL)

We recognise and reward responsible and caring dog owners by issuing an RDOL to dog owners who satisfy a set of criteria.

​Who qualifies for an RDOL?

You have to meet all criteria to get an RDOL:

  • You will need to pass a written test of your dog ownership knowledge.
  • You will have been a registered dog owner in New Zealand for 12 months or more before applying.
  • You have registered your dog on time for the current registration year.
  • You haven't had any substantiated abatements, seizures or infringements under the Dog Control Act 1996 for the previous 12 months. 
  • Your dog has not been the subject of a substantiated complaint or impoundment under the Dog Control Act 1996 for the previous 12 months.    
  • If you have more than two dogs, you have a licence to keep multiple dogs on your property. See Licence to keep more than two dogs on a property

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  • According to the table of this years fees, the RDOL discount is a fairly substantial 40-50% discount off the standard fee if you pay before the 1st August.

    • I renewed a few weeks ago, should I just take the test and then what do you do? you wait til 2023 or do you renew again now?

      • You need to wait until 2023 renewal now as the discount renewal deadline is 1st August, I missed out too as I only found this yesterday.

  • +1

    well worth it and easy questions.
    I've had mine a few years, each of my dogs is only 65 per year to register.

    Big help if you intend to get the multi dog licence to have more than 2 dogs on the property too.

    • can you please tell me what sort of questions they asked, are they easy to answer ? if you don't get it right first time, can you re-do it again online ? thank you

      • honestly i couldn't tell you! I did mine several years ago when they moved to being online.
        None of it was designed to trip you up, most of the answers could be found by a simple good search.

        • Thanks, just done mine got 1 wrong but still pass…. and waiting for council to email me with the outcome

      • You can keep redoing the test till you pass. Most of the questions are common sense, or Google-able

  • Just out of curiosity, what benefit does having one of these have vs not having one? I tried finding out but everywhere only said how to get it.

    I'm assuming not all dog owners even know this is a thing so can't see it being used like a drivers license, but seems there is a use for it.

  • +1

    It’s really about deducing the cost of your annual dog registration

    The point of it is that a responsible dog owner should know how to look after their dog, therefore the council will not need to waste money sending animal control to deal with complaints like barking or escaped dogs so they will reduce the cost for you, just like getting your dog desexed.

    When you get your annual registration notice it has the information and pricing difference there

  • +1

    This should be a thing for people wanting kids too.

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