Cheapest Z energy?

So with fuel prices still high. (yay for the drops over the last week)
I'm curious to see where people are finding the cheapest Z station around the country, obviously to purchase for Z sharetank.


  • Do you use Gaspy? Cheapest Z in Hamilton is $2.54

    • Yea have had a play but tricky to check everywhere.
      Normally I have found Hamilton or Napier to be cheapest, but happy to be proven wrong

      • Gore is $2.509 (91) without any discounts according to Gaspy with 9 price confirmations

  • so ive got magisk and sharetank working together nicely.. do you use the pokemon method to spoof gps? i see i could save quiet a bit purchasing out of auckland..

    • also curious, what I tried awhile ago, didn't work

    • +1

      Or you can use Android emulator. Whatever I used, allowed me to disable "charger plugged in" option.
      But then again, I bought fuel when it was actually cheaper than local Z stations with 10c discount.

      • +1

        Yay thanks. BlueStacks works.

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