Cashrewards - Unable to Cash out via PayPal

Has anyone experienced problems cashing out their cashrewards balance using PayPal? I'm very sure that my PayPal is verified (and has been confirmed so with PayPal customer service), but when trying to withdraw my cashback, it's showing that PayPal is not verified hence unable to withdraw. I have been in contact with Cashrewards agent but not really helping either, as they only said that "please check that your PayPal is verified".

I have checked everything and they have confirmed that I am eligible to withdraw my balance, so the problem is just on withdrawing them using PayPal.

Anyone has experienced the same problem and managed to get them working?

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  • Works ok for me. Can you create another PayPal account?

  • I had the same issue with my paypal account. I received this response from paypal support:
    "You can verify your account by either adding and confirming a bank account, or applying for and and being approved for a paypal credit product"

    As it turns out, there is no way for us to check if our paypal account is verified. After confirming my nz bank account, the issue resolved itself.

    • How do you confirm your NZ bank account? I've got mine added but not sure if this is confirmed or nah.

      • Just rethinking this, I think it was linking a card to my account (in addition to the linked bank account) which fixed it.

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