Shaving Product Recommendations

Hello all,

I tend to shave once a week if I remember. Otherwise I'm consistent with once a fortnight.

Current setup:

  • Proraso shaving soap
  • (can't remember brand) badger shaving brush
  • Razor blade1

Not keen on paying $15-$20 for four cartridges, so just yesterday (after reading a few posts on OzBargain) I bought 100 double-edge razor safety blades for $22 delivered.

But now I need a double edge razor.

Any recommendations?
Plus other product recommendations.

  1. Funny how his website says that he imports these from the U.S. Reckon he gets em off Alibaba 


  • +1

    By double edge razer, I'm guessing you mean a safety razor? I've heard of safety razers and cut throats being buy it for life.

    I remember quite a while ago seeing the claim of USA imported as well. To say I had doubt would be an understatement.

  • I have the qshave one, got it from aliexpress before they had the NZ site setup.

    Looks like they're holding stock locally too now.

    It's lasted great, takes awhile getting used to it but i wouldn't go back.
    I got more blades off amazon for dirt cheap.

  • I bought a Merkur 23C off Trademe a month or 2 ago and just tested it with Astra razors and Feather razors, and am preferring the Feather ones so far.
    Also tried using the Proraso shaving cream but changed to Nivea Sensitive shaving cream,as I was getting razor burn.
    One day I will get around to trying an adjustable safety razor.

    • I was the opposite on the blades! Prefer the astra ones over the others, and they came in a decent size quantity too

  • Interesting topic. I don't mean to hijack it, but I have a shaving conundrum as well. I'm still shaving with a Gilettte Sensor Excel, around 25 years(!) after I started shaving. Been through probably 5 or 6 handles in that time, haven't seen the handles sold anywhere for over 5 years, so I'm not sure what to move to next (3D printed?). I'm pretty fussy when it comes to razors, hence sticking with the one that has always worked best. I've tried lots of other brands. Too many razors offer a too close a shave which leaves me with ingrown hairs and rash for weeks. Others still don't come close to the sharpness or durability of the original Gillette blades. I don't fancy a cutthroat or similar, but to be honest traditional style razors are one thing I haven't yet tried.

    I now also shave once a week, and only occasionally with my razor to make it last. Instead I go for the permanent short beard look by shaving with bare clippers/trimmers.

    Would a safety razor be worth trying? Any other suggestions?

  • i've been looking around in op shops for a old school razor holder for a while now. havnt had any luck :*(

    I know its really cheap to use disposable blades and buy them in large quantity (and swap them out every 2-3 days.. for a alway sharp cut), the supermarket brands are a real price gouge.

    i remember seeing some high quality ones on ali that got rave reviews.. cant remember the name at the moment ill do some searching

  • The Shaver shop has a few safety razors in stock. They used to have a bigger range - maybe supply train issues at present?

  • Merkur 34c and Muhle r89 are good beginner options for Double Edge Razors. I suggest checking out r/Wicked_edge to help with deciding.
    As for the blades, get a sample pack from as there is no 'one best blade', it varies from person to person.

  • I've had good experiences shopping from

  • Thank you all for your feedback.

    I went with the Rockwell 6C after doing a bit more research. Should last me yeeeears, is well recommended, and has six levels of adjustment.

    $102 delivered from FineShave.1

    1. I added another item to my cart to get free shipping with $100 spend. 

  • New razor just arrived.

    So pretty.

    • I have this in gunmetal. Went with the 2C to save money and got the metal stand for it.

      I use the #3 setting with Astra blades.

      Never going back to disposables or more expensive Mach 3 type blades.

      Take your time learning but basically it’s very similar with stuff all wastage. I get about 3 shaves per blade before swapping to a new one.

      • Cheers for the advice. How important is the stand? I'm guessing not very but it looks nice. Think I'll start with the lowest cutting setting and work my way from there. Watch a YouTube video or two too.

        • Stand mostly for looks. May help to keep it dry but that’s it.

          I started low as the #3 backs onto the #1 but it basically didn’t cut anything. Have been on #3 ever since.

          Only thing I didn’t like about the Rockwell is the razor tabs hang out the ends, which you can catch on your nose. They’re relatively blunt but they do stick out a bit.

          By contrast my wife’s razor of another brand is a bit wider and covers the razor handling tabs completely.

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