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Free Condoms & Lube @ Burnett Foundation (Multiple Auckland Locations)


While the price of fuel (profanity) us daily the Burnett foundation is giving out free condoms and lube around auckland (sorry non aucklanders)

Ad popped up on FB wall, a freebie is a freebie I guess

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  • Search free condoms NZ and you'll probably find a few more places that have similar offers.

  • 😂😂😂

  • They ship it to you for free, nationwide. Takes a while though.


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      Might lose the moment by the time it arrives….

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    If you are under 22 and a NZ resident you can get them via Family Planning(free phone consult)/sexual health clinics for 3 dozen for a $5 pharmacy script(iirc it was 6 dozen but became 3 when the condom shortage started). If you are older it costs alot more(~$40) or you need a community services card then it's a $5 fee + script fee.

    NZ Needle Exchange programme also sells them really cheap(but 56mm is the only option), Gold Knight 12pks for $3 each + $7 shipping(max 10 packs)

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    Free condoms! Awesome!! Thanks OP!!

    Now I just need a volunteer…

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      You're looking in the wrong place here buddy 😄

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        Tough crowd…

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          Dont worry they'll loosen up after a few beers.

      • name checks out

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      Palmala Handerson often comes in hand. I mean handy.

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    Next time you are visiting your doctor for your annual checkup ask for a script, you'll probably end up with 5-6 dozen. Usually costs no extra from the doctor and you can get it filled for free at Chemist Warehouse or similar.

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      All things being equal, I think I’d rather fill my own…

      • Can it reach?

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    Do you get to pick a size? I can only fit the XXXL.

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      After playing with their form, if you have a penis and have an interest in swordfights and cabaret they'll post a dozen to you for free each month.

      If you aren't into pairing Y chromosomes, you get given a vague list of places that give out free condoms.

      I tried pressing "About Us" and was just fed frustrating web design and gave up. They've deployed the web equivalent of an automated system for a call centre.

      No information, just a whole bunch of nested, "Press 1 for X, Press 2 for Y, Press 3 for Z" and replaced hold music with colour.

    • Yes, you can between 4 sizes. Nominal flat width, 49,53,56 or 60mm

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    I'm just here to read the comments!

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      That makes sense based on username

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    an ad on sneakers pop up on my fb wall after googling "sneakers sale"..were you..wait…sorry, =D

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    These petrol station deals of late are the only sexual arousal I need… I've just taken my car through the car wash for the 15th time today, no time for sex, folks.

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      Amateur, the car wash is a perfect place for a quickie.

  • does anyone have the issue where the Marquis, Shield, and Moments brand condoms get a burning sensation? We are aware of latex allergy being a factor however we were all good with regular Durex latex condoms, not having any problem with those.

    • you will have to check the lube used like Glycerin or spermicides, i know some have that "warming sensation" which feels like its on a stove.

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    Note: You need to mark yourself down as Maori or Pacifica if you want free delivery. Otherwise they will direct you to a map to drive to a clinic.

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