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[PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch] Free to Play - Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout @ Epic, PS Store, Microsoft, Nintendo Store


Not a discount as such but fall guys has gone free to play forever.

PC: Epic has bought exclusive rights to it so not available on Steam anymore.

Nintendo Switch:



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    Free on all platforms right? worth calling out

  • +1

    We've been playing this the past couple of days on Switch. It's so much fun, utter chaos. Highly recommend giving it a go.

    • yeah I was apprehensive at first but its a lot of fun

    • It sucks on PC. Plagued by cheaters teleporting all over the place and griefing.

      • Is it not cross-play? I played a couple of games on PC and didn't see any cheating but I noticed that players have a controller or computer icon next to their name so I figured it must be cross-play

      • Does it not use vanguard? I didn't see anything for the single game I played.

        Shouldn't be too bad, epic spent a lot of money for it

        • It might now. It only took a week of that stuff after the original release to drive me off. That and with all the cheating emptying the player base it became difficult to even find a game. This re-release should improve that a lot.

  • -1

    After getting desktop ads from Epic yeah I'm not ever gonna install their launcher again
    No wonder it's F2P

    • I used to get desktop notifications too so if it's a default setting that's pretty annoying. You can turn them off in the settings though.
      The store is pretty inferior to other PC game stores but that's not the reason Fall Guys is F2P - they changed the model recently to revive the player base. Epic presumably paid for exclusivity rights which is why it isn't available in other stores

    • Should never have it able to run on start up

  • stated playing this at 8pm wednesday when it when free so far played 1day 5hrs of it

  • It's really great with friends in a squad game with discord vc ect. Not worth playing solo.

  • damn it, previously bought 3 copies so i could play with my kids :(

    • If you bought it on Steam recently and have played under 2 hours on any of the copies you should be able to refund them! Otherwise, that's a bummer

  • add me on epic, need to squad up ! id is the same as here.

    • +1

      Cheapies squad would be crackup. Could be keen. I'll probably be playing on Xbox S.

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