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[PC, macOS] Free - Flashback @ GOG


Free for a limited time.

Log in > 'Go to giveaway' > scroll down > 'Yes, and claim the game'

After fleeing from a space ship but stripped of all memory, the young scientist Conrad B. Hart awakens on Titan, a colonised moon of the planet Saturn. His enemies and kidnappers are snapping at his heels. He must find a way back to Earth, all the while defending himself against the dangers he encounters and unravelling an insidious extra-terrestrial plot that threatens the planet…

Release date: 29 Nov, 2018
Steam reviews: Very Positive
Details from: OzBargain

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  • +1

    I played the hell out of this game back in the Amiga days, was amazing.

    • +1

      Had me hooked on this on the sega mega drive - hit at just the right time when I was just starting to get coordinated enough to figure out the battles and puzzles and then what's this, a cutscene!… and then the story gets deep and and whoa….

      • +1

        This game (and similarly, Another World) was so hard when I was a young fella back in the Mega Drive days. Managed to finish them both when I revisited them a few years back

  • +2

    man with almost 40 free games on g0g, 200 free games on epic and ~300 games on steam from humble bundle days
    just gonna be a old as full time streamer when i retire and play through them all 🤣

    • I don't think I've played any of the free games I've collected over the last two years 😄. I've also had Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for almost three months now and the only games we've played are It Takes Two and Bejewelled Blitz. Too busy watching sports.

      • +1

        Glad to hear that you two will be keeping me company, along with my growing, un-played games collection, come retirement in the not quite so distant (as it once was) future!

        We can setup the CCGamersClub, except by then maybe none of us will remember who the others are :-)

        On the other hand, that might work for us as Cheapies, since if we can't remember playing a game, we can keep playing the same ones, and it will seem new each time around. FF7 FTW!


        • by the time we retire our collections might be 3x what they are now lol

          • +1

            @Huntakillaz: I am looking forward to essentially free gaming when I have all the free time in the world (although I am slightly concerned that it seems like people who retire say they never have any spare time - let's hope they are spending it all gaming….)

            For example, the last Civ that I played was Civ II. I can probably get Civ III, Civ IV, and maybe Civ V for free or very little now, and by the time I want to get Civ VI, the current version will likely be Civ XX.

            There are definite benefits to running ten years (or so) behind the latest games, and the great part is that you wouldn't even notice, as each new game would still be better than you had before!

  • Prince of Persia with Amiga vector graphics 👍

  • Unrelated to GOG, but Fall Guys is now free to play.

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