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[Win, Mac] Free VideoProc V4.8 Full License (Normally $78.90)


Your one-stop solution to process any (4K/large) videos, audios and DVDs on PC and Mac: convert, edit, resize, download, record, transcode, etc. Uniquely adopt full GPU acceleration to deliver No.1 fast processing speed while keeping highest quality. Easy to use, just drag and drop.

Convert any videos music to MP4, MP3 and 420+ formats for playback.
Compress oversized video without quality lose for faster uploading to SNS.
Edit, cut, crop, merge, rotate, reframe, add effect/watermark/subtitle, etc.
Download video, music, playlist, live streaming, subtitle from 1000+ sites.
Capture desktop/iOS screen/live video; make PIP video, apply green screen.

You need to install it in June in order to activate the code.

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    I used this software for quite a while as a nice easy way to download Youtube videos and full playlists.
    On the upside, it is MUCH easier to use and understand than the various command line alternatives (although I have since moved onto one of those: yt-dlp), but on the downside it tends to only work for a few months and then break when Youtube changes something, and the free version of VideoProc means you don't get updates to make it work again.

    • Yeah - I only use youtube-dl now as it is much simpler without the GUI getting in the way.

      You just give it the URL of the video, or an entire playlist, and it goes and does its thing pretty much 100% of the time, and if it fails, I nearly always find that a quick 'update' and then it works perfectly again, plus they seem to update it almost immediately that something changes on YouTube and it works on loads of video sites.

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