Car Insurance Question - Third Party Fire and Theft

Hi there,

Just after some advice on car insurance.
I have Third Party Fire and Theft insurance.
My vehicle was parked and involved in an incident where it was swiped by another car.
I assume my insurance won’t cover this as i dont have full/comprehensive insurance.

Is there any value in me trying to retrieve cctv footage to identify the other vehicle involved?
Would that help get my vehicle repaired (by determining I’m not at fault) either through mine or the other party’s insurer?

Thanks in advance


  • Yeah (your assumption is right; your insurance company won't want to know you) if you can identify the car involved you may have a case; however (IANAL) I wonder if you might subsequently run into challenges with identifying the driver (unless its obvious through the footage) to actually lodge against. Not sure, but you certainly have nothing to loose.

  • Sounds to me like if you manage to identify the other driver, you might be able to get his car fixed! But if they aren't insured or don't want to know, then you're probably out of luck. I don't think you can find out whether a car is insured just from its plates, and even if you did it's highly unlikely an insurance company would accept a claim initiated by the "other party" rather than the policy holder.

    You can check your policy, but I'm pretty sure they won't fix your car whether or not you're at fault. It's just to prevent you getting hammered in court if you damage another car or property.

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    If you can identify the vehicle you may be able to lodge it with Police as a hit and run, pretty sure it's an offence if you didn't stop to check if someone was injured.
    Could be worth a shot if you get the footage and see what your local police station says?

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    Whether the police pursue it from a criminal perspective or not, you can still claim damages from the other driver. Helpful if the police got a conviction in terms of 'proving your case' though.

    You need to be able to identify them to be able to get anything out of them, and I don't know whether the police would disclose their identity, even if they can determine it?

    Once you know who, and if they refuse to pay, you could, for example, go after them in the Disputes Tribunal, and if they are insured, they could claim on their insurance to pay you. Lots of maybes, including whether they pay you at all, and the chance that they will be 'ordered' to pay you a paltry sum per week or something.

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