Mitre10/Bunnings - How to Get Discounts Here?

Hi all,

Just wanted to see if there’s something I’m missing.

Am aware of price matching & etc with mitre10/Bunnings. Also have a PowerPass account under my name.

However is there any other discounts available? is there a similar scheme to Noel leeming CSC discount?

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  • N3 card can be used at bunnings.
    Smartmate cash account at mitre10, requires a New Zealand Business Number though.

    • I assume you have an N3 Card? Does it allow you to check discounted pricing online?

      • instore only unfortunately.

  • What do you mean? If you have PowerPass you already have decent discounts and you can’t stack them. Plus you can use the PowerPass app to check prices.

    • +1

      Depending on the industry you are in and whether your account is cash only or a PowerPass 30 day account the amount of discount can vary quite substantially.

      • Ahhh, I’ve only had a 30-day account from previous job.There were some decent discounts with it, can’t remember what I got but one thing I do remember was insulation came down a lot and other little things. Most of the tools and wood panels and stuff took a couple cents off, maybe a dollar or two. Still, a discount is a discount. I assume the cash only would be less discount. Was told that with the 30 day the discounts got better the more you spent.

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          That's correct.
          The 30 Day accounts definitely offer a higher discount and the fact you can still pay cash using it means this is the best option to go with if you can.

          N3 is a reasonable discount if you have access to it too but unlike PowerPass you can't see the pricing on an app. You have to go instore

  • Hi, good thread! I have a financial services business and looking to buy some Elna wardrobe kit for our home wardrobes so not really business related.

    Clearly I wouldn't be claiming a tax deduction however what is the best way as a set up the account to buy the gear at a discount from Mitre10?

    Thanks in advance - based in Christchurch

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