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Value Range Pizza $4, Extra Value Pizza $6, Traditional Pizza $8, Gourmet Pizza $10, Garlic Bread $2ea (Pick up) @ Domino’s


Today/pick up only, repeat of last month's deal.

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    Interesting how dominoes have barely raised their prices drastically compared to all other places. And they continue to have these deals where they actually reduce their prices - prior to the minimum wage bump.

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      Are they reducing the amount of items is added on pizzas?

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        Reduction by stealth. slow decrease cheese on top, slightly less pepperoni's etc.
        It wouldnt surprise me, but haven't had a full priced pizza a decade to compare.

        • I've found pizzahut to do the same thing. Even for the deluxe ones. Cheese is like plastic

        • There is a video on The Food Therists which compares the four pizza chain found everywhere in the US. The common thing is that when more topping are added the amount of cheese is reduced.

          • @OmgItsHeaven: Totally agree. Supreme pizzas have much less cheese than a more basic pizza

    • It's great eh?

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      Suddenly have to pay $1 for thin and crispy pizza base. Pay more for less!

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        and the vege trio is $6 now.

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          FYI you can use code 00666 to bring all value pizzas down to $5, including vege trio.

      • yeah I had a moan about that (via feedback to Dominos) a month or so back….disappointing…but otherwise they are doing a solid job at keeping prices down.

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      they reduce the topping which makes is misleading as its not the same as it was in summer, the thin and crispy base is $1 extra now.
      i got a gourmet pizza ($17 - $5 with coupon) the other day and it felt like it should have been $12 normally, $5 pizzas is a better deal.

      but this also happened last year, during summer the deals are good but when the seasons change they also change the prices and amount.

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    Right, I usually get deep pan 5$ pizzas so I haven't noticed the thin and crispy 1$ surcharge, dominoes isn't worth it to spend more than 5$ on a pizza let alone 17$ haha. But I do feel the quality of the pizzas have gone down though.

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