iPhone Extras and Negotiations When Buying in Store

I just smashed my iPhone XR so I think it's time to replace it. Looking through historical deals, it looks like the best I can expect when buying the phone would be waiting for a 5% off at The Market. For the iPhone 13 Mini that I'm after that's only $70ish so just wondering if anyone has got an employee at JB Hifi or similar to through in anything more valuable on a purchase.


  • Unless you’re purchasing in a plan then the market discount is the best you’ll get off a current model.

  • The market price is the best around.

    You will have a hard time getting a store to price match. Aside from stuff like alexas or Chromecast iPhones are the lowest margin product in jb or noel leeming or hn.

    I worked for that kind of shop and unless it’s on a contract or you’re buying their warranty/insurance the store absolutely doesn’t want your sale.

    I can’t really remember the numbers (it’s been a while) but on the odd occasion walk ups asking for iPhones would sometimes ruin your percentages for the day and I’ve seen salesmen lose the monthly bonuses because of them (based on overall strike rate and or % of sales that is warranties), same with MacBooks but at least you normally made $3-$10 (depending on the retailer hush hush) or so bucks behind the counter!

    You have waaaay more bargaining power when they want the sale lol. Other brands have/had rewards programs that meant we would bend over backwards to get them out the door.

    If there are major iPhone discounts then it’s done by exceed/Ingram micro/apple and not the shop. A particular store did cost+0% iPhones for farmlands customers iirc but excluded accessories from discount so it was actually more expensive overall to buy a phone + case than ordinarily was the case

  • 2 degrees has a deal where you get free airpods pro when buying an iphone 13 on a plan.

  • iPhones have practically no margin so wait for a deal or sign a contract with your telco 2Degrees is doing free airpods.
    And you might have guessed it but margin is made up on extras like cables and cases etc.

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