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Free Altruism Book ($0 Delivered) @ 80000hours.org


Just ordered my free book, will update when it arrives. Could be good for you altruist cheapies! Value of the free books available ranges from $50 - $80

From the website:
"We’re mailing a free book to everyone who signs up for our newsletter.

About the books
These books introduce ideas we think are really important for building a successful career focused on tackling the world’s most pressing problems. We think you’ll really like them — although we know the authors and we wrote one of them, so we’re a bit biased!

The Precipice: Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity
By Oxford philosopher and 80,000 Hours trustee Toby Ord. It's about the greatest threats facing humanity, and the strategies we can use today to safeguard our future.

Doing Good Better: Effective Altruism and How You Can Make a Difference
By philosopher and 80,000 Hours cofounder Will MacAskill. It's about how we can have a bigger positive social impact using some core ideas from the effective altruism movement.

80,000 Hours: Find a Fulfilling Career That Does Good
By our CEO Benjamin Todd. Our book is based on years of research alongside academics at Oxford, and aims to help you find a career you enjoy, you’re good at, and that tackles the world’s most pressing problems.
To get your copy, sign up for our newsletter and we’ll mail it to you.

And just to be clear, we’re a nonprofit, so everything we provide is free! (Learn more about us below)"

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  • I've never heard of them, but I suspect it is 80,000 hours, rather than 8,000 hours.

    Four working years doesn't sound as good as a forty year career :-)

    • Whoops, that makes sense. Updated now.

  • +4

    Hi - I'm not associated with 80k, but I am involved with the 'Effective Altruism' community, which 80k is a part of. We've got EA community groups in Auckland (a student group and a city group), Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunners.

    There are some overlaps - cheapies users are bizarrely good optimisers, same with EAs. And both groups really like getting value for money.

    If you are interested and would like to come to a social event or discussion group to see what the vibe is like, flick me a PM and I can put you in touch with the group in your area.

    And I absolutely encourage you to sign up for a free book - you could even sign up for two free books (if you think you will actually read them):
    - get 'Doing Good Better' from Effective Altruism NZ
    - get one of the other books from the 80,000 Hours giveaway.

  • Selling 10x of these Books…. $10 each, free shipping

    • Haha, what a bargain!

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