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Big Mac Small Combo + Cheeseburger $6 @ McDonald's App


This is back again, go early to lunch this week to avoid queues.

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    Not bad! I just use uber eats these days for $20 off!

    • Do explain ?

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        Well you see - here is the play:

        • Get new sim
        • Make new account
        • Order food for $20 off with PMNZ21 or PMNZ2021
        • Pay only the service fee and delivery (a few bucks)
        • Discard sim and repeat
        • I did it a few times but then they did something to stop it working, i think cos my payment details were the same cc. How do you get around that?

          • @quote: Could use a Prezzy Card?

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              @Dutch: Prezzy cards have associated fees. Only worth if you can use prezzy card multiple times.
              Be interesting to know the limit

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                @Foodie: All I know is that the limit is greater than 3, as I've used my CC on 4 Uber Eats accounts with 4 unique sims. :)

        • CODE PMNZ2021 doesn't work anymore :(

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    Dammit maccas stop doing this. These deals have been awesome, too awesome to say no to! =\ haha

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    Is this how we are going to combat inflation?

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      Thankfully can only be used once otherwise trading it for heart failure or diabetes while the medical professionals leave. Yeah we're stuffed…

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