Inspection Camera recommendations

Hi Cheapies,

Any recommendations for inspections cameras?

I'm happy to connect it to phone using USB-C

A flexible cable but not too soft as I may use it in the future for inspecting a drain

But at this stage I want to inspect under my subfloor which I have no access too so 5m+

I'll probably only use it once or twice so doesn't need to be High end.



  • Also interested if anyone has one. I've looked at the cheap ones on AliExpress, haven't settled on one yet, they all look like they have questionable image quality… 😕

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      I got this one, I haven't used it a great deal but I think it's fine. Image quality is good.

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        Yeah I got something similar to that a few years back now - and while it was only $5, I am surprised by the quality of the image and the ease of use. Even came in handy when the sparky needed to see inside a wall once…lol

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    Where a are you located? I have one you could borrow

  • I am in Dunedin

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