School shoes - suggestions?

Our son has just started school and we need to get him some school shoes. I spoke to a lady the other day who bought her kid Bobux shoes for $100 thinking they would be more durable than the others but she said within weeks they were falling apart.

Any suggestions for good quality, durable school shoes that don't cost an arm and a leg?


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    We have to have all black shoes but otherwise they can be our choice. I either order nikes from sports direct or go to the new balance outlet at Westgate in Auckland. For the first time in 5 years I had to spend more than $35 a pair recently because I ran out of time to order from the UK and didn’t want to drive to Sylvia Park to JD Sports.

    • Thanks! Sports Direct has good prices

  • Interested in other replies as well. Hate that you can buy full grain heavy duty steel capped mens leather work boots for often as little as $30-35 (I bought some a couple of years ago on special for$25), but basic genuine full grain leather school shoes start at about $80-90 and are typically $120+. It's a rort. And there is so much junk out there, rubbish composite leathers that look and smell like real leather but fall apart in a matter of months. This article from a decade ago is sadly still applicable today:

  • We went the somewhat "unorthodox" way, picked a school that doesn't require uniforms, bought a bunch of sneakers when TWH go on sale (ie. 50% off clearance), to the extent that my kid outgrew them. But still save a bunch of $$ on uniforms and shoes, with each pair less than $10…haha

  • Nike, New Balance, Underamour etc shoes from Rebel Sport when they have sale (15-30% off, never seen anything more so far). They are not the cheapest but at least there's the convenience of being able to return, and the shoes last until outgrown.

    • Yeah this is what we are doing. Grabbed some Puma's from the recent sale here too…we have tried to go the route of reasonably prices branded shoes under the (right or wrong) assumption there might be more science/tech in the shoes (to support/help/protect the foot) rather than just going as cheap as possible (Kmart etc).

      Am waiting for the commerce commission enquiry on to school uniforms/school shoes8 to really shake things up….after of course they sort out Petrol prices and Grocery items :\ lololol

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