How Are Airpoints Redeemed on Partner Airlines?

Hi All

I am so confused while currently looking for a flight and would appreciate some help regarding this matter.

I am trying to book an air ticket via Singapore Airlines (Star Alliance) and was looking to use Airpoints for the booking. I hold around 400 Airpoints. I checked with couple of local travel agents while looking to compare prices and none of them were aware of how you can redeem Airpoints with my booking.

I can see a Singapore Airlines flight on but don't see an option on how I can redeem airpoints in the cost of the ticket. Air New Zealand booking website allows redemption of Airpoints but that is already expensive than prices quoted on and even that flight that I am looking for isn't available on their booking site.

Does someone have any experience how the points can be used on Partner Airlines without using airnz booking portal? I tried calling Airpoints support but no one picked up after being on hold for an hour.

Any recommendations are welcome.

Thank you

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  • Where are you flying from and to?

    • I was going to fly from Auckland to Delhi return.

  • "without using airnz booking portal" is that the partner portal? That seems like the only way,

    • yeah I am afraid that's the only option I could find as well. When I first signed up for Airpoints, I was kinda expecting that I could use them on any site/agent basically as long as the airline is a part of Star Alliance. What a bummer.. Guess I'll just have to use them to finally plan for a trip to South Island on AirNZ

  • +1

    I didn't know you could do that? Following…


    This is not updated any more but was looking at this option pre covid

  • Ask a travel agent?

    • yeah I tried, as I mentioned in the post but no avail hence I tried asking the cheapies here. I have realized it's just not possible. So i'll just book a normal ticket and maybe use these points for a domestic airnz flight in the future.

      • Oops - sorry! I missed that.

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