Anyone Know about N3 Buying Group

Does anybody know or have heard about n3 buying group?
I have found their email in my inbox regarding their app and I am confused if CSC has changed their name or if n3 is just a competitor of CSC?
Seems like they offer discounts at pretty much the same retailers as CSC

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  • N3 is massive, I know that much. Different to CSC I believe.

    • says 19% typical savings for NL and 30% typical savings for T7.
      I wonder if its cheaper than CSC and HOSPNZ discount

      • NL discounts are cost + so its a little disingenuous for them to mention an amount. Seems the prices are about the same. I found a $6 difference on an $1899 freezer at the discounted rates, it may as well be someone accidentally rounding when creating the discount profile.

  • Yes I have membership through my work to N3.
    It's not the same as CSC - N3 used to be known as GSB (Government Stores Board) until 2013 when it changed it's name to N3.
    Does give some really good discounts and looks like similar suppliers.
    I don't have CSC (other than for Noel Leeming 😉) so not sure how the discount levels compare.

    • Yea it seems like I got the trade membership through work via master builders. As it is in-stores only I have no idea what the discount is like compared to CSC and HOSPNZ

  • I believe there are some discounts you can use online (AvIs/Budget rental cars I think) but most seem to be in store.
    The membership fee is not that cheap - I think it was about $400 for our company.
    Savings they indicate are a bit of a stretch but it is worth it for us with the likes of Placemakers which offers the best rates (better than trade discount) and we more than cover the membership fee with this alone.

    Century Yuasa batteries are also heavily discounted as I replaced my car battery a few weeks ago.
    Problem is you have to go in to find out the price as they won’t tell you over the phone.

    Membership is worth it if you or your company spend a lot of money with the suppliers, otherwise I would say the price may not be worth it.

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      Hmmm…I wonder how big of a difference it is compared to the usual trade accounts at building suppliers VS n3, currently at bunnings the discount is $3/lm off retail price (roughly 30%) for 4x2 as an example

  • Definitely a bigger discount with N3 at Placemakers than trade rates.
    Bunnings trade discount will vary depending on your industry/volume. I have actually found my PowerPass trade rates better than N3 at Bunnings previously but I would need to check next time I’m there.

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    I’ve compared CSC and N3 for a dishwasher and both gave the same discount (of about $600 which was awesome). Not sure about other products

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