Any spotify cheapies hacks?

I was wondering if we have any spotify hacks. The subscription fee is a bit expensive.


  • If you're not attached to Spotify, you can get Youtube Premium really cheap using a VPN to india which also comes with Youtube Music.

    • Varies because of exchange rate but the last couple of months for me were less than $4NZD/month for a family plan.

    • I'm planning to give this a shot at some point. I read on another thread that India payments using a Wise card were not working anymore, though. And Argentina was an alternative.

    • Had my card replaced by bank due to fraud and couldn't get Youtube Premium India to accept an update of the card details on my account. Cancelled and went to YT P Argentina and signed up again seemingly with no issues.

      • What VPN did you use? I tried using my existing expressVPN account but the currency that shows is Brasil Real.

        • Tunnel Bear

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      And Tidal.

    • I've never been able to get Youtube Premium India or Argentina to work, I have no idea why. Tidal, Microsft, etc. all fine, with Youtube I always get a white screen when confirming payment no matter what PC, VPN or account I use with normal card or Wise card.

    • I changed to YTPas well. Had issue when I got a new credit card, but managed to renew in the end. Decided to do the annual account, cost $26.60 for 12 months.

      Gotta say YTM isn't as user friendly as Spotify, lots of unofficial songs and videos clutter things up more. But not complaining given the price in India, plus gets rid of all ads on YT on all devices

    • Argentina also works out very cheap

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    We have a family of four and this is what I do as long as you can handle a few minutes setup each month you can get it for free.
    They will only do Spotify - tried Youtube Premium but I only got sad faces with this!
    Each family member has their own playlist.
    Only requirement is a Wise card.

    1. Each family member has their own account to start with. This can be an exisiting subscription or a new one on a free trial. They can then go about creating their own playlists, podcasts etc.
    2. Create a Spotify Family Account using the one month free trial and then immediately cancel the trial on the family account. You still get the month's trial but no risk of being charged.
    3. Invite your existing accounts to join the 'family' - you can have up to six. Once joined they all get Premium access.
    4. When the trial on the family account expires just go back into Spotify and using your Wise card with a new card number and a new email address create another Family trial account.
    5. Repeat step 3 and invite family members to join with their exisiting accounts.

    Doing the above all playlists remain intact and th only thing you have to do is invite their accounts once per month which takes all of 5 minutes.
    The Family account only offers 1 month trials from my experience, not 3 months like you can often get with the individual trials. However, not having to recreate playlists makes it worth it to me.

    • oh so each month you create a throwaway account eh? Cool. might give that a shot.

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        The 'Family account' has no playlists or anything - it's simply used as a vehicle to invite the other accounts and gain premium access.

        • Did you keep using the same address?

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            @Japo32: Yes I do and that's because the Family account requires everyone to reside at the same address.
            You could try different addresses but I haven't tried it.
            I have been doing it for the past three or four months with no problems.

            You could use the individual account and put whatever address you like in and you could get the extended trial periods but not worth having to redo or reshare all playlists.

            • @bigcheese: Cool. Thanks a lot. I've just created our disposable family plan account. :D

    • Wow, impressive. Do you do the +1 or dot gmail trick or use a disposable or new email?

      • I actually have a disposable email that I use with the gmail "+" trick.
        After the "+" I use the last 4 digits of the Wise card that I subscribed with.
        For example currently: email = [email protected]
        Next month might be [email protected]

        Makes it really easy to work out which Wise card number was used and I can then use the same email address/card number combo for other free trials until I've had enough of it and then delete it.

    • Do you need a new Wise card every month you create a new ‘parent’ account? Or can you use the same credit card number every time, just with a new email address? It looks to be $14NZD for a card.

      • Wise allows for virtual cards that you can delete and generate. You get a new card each time. Hence, the reason for using one is to not run out of fresh card numbers.

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        You need to use a different card number and email every time.
        The $14 card fee is a one off but well worth it.
        The Wise card allows you to have 3 different digital cards in operation at any one time but you can just delete one and create another at any time.

        Just an update on using the ‘Premium Family’ account.
        Today my trial lapsed and I attempted to create a new account without success.
        Spotify now restrict the ability for anyone to join more than one family account every 12 months. I have had no issues up til now but it looks like it will no longer work.

        Ended up just creating a new individual account - currently 3 months freeuntil the 19th May.
        Then just copied all the playlists over using SpotMyBackup - tutorial here.

        Not as easy as my original method but still relatively straightforward.

  • Need a cheap deal for Amazon Music. Annoying not being able to play different songs on the Echo Dot.

    • You can use Spotify with the echo dot
      That's what I do as it integrates fine with Alexa.

      • Ahh true. I did see that the other day but completely forgot about it. Will look into a Spotify individual plan or Apple x months free deal. Think I saw a new one on HUKD yesterday.

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          Spotify has 3 months free right now in NZ if you're happy with the individual plan.
          Valid until 19th May.

          • @bigcheese: R119 a month for individual plan which seems alright. Will give it a go when I get home. Not working on my phone with Nord + Wise for some reason.

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    If you have an auckland.uni email address you can still get the student price even if you're not a student anymore.

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    My mate sent a custom spotify APK over bluetooth. Been working fine for over four years (Android only)

    • Yeah, I didn't really want to mention this although I felt a strong urge to, waste of time if it's just going to be removed. ios is just a bit harder. They are referred to as "modded apks" I currently use xmanager. This is more than enough infomation for anyone to do their own research. Be careful if you don't know what you're doing. This is the literal "hack" OP is asking about

    • btw, 4 years working is a long time. I believe you are referring to a manager either integrated or not so you can get the updates for the apk. As new versions release often and I don't think a 4 year old one would still work.

  • +2 web player + uBlock Origin (browser only). I won't say any more.

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    There was someone that I found (either here or possibly Geekzone) that posted they had a Family plan and would allow people to sign up an account, using their details, and just pay them a small fee / month. So that's what I did. A small direct debit and a bit of trust to another fellow Cheapie.

    Works well.

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    I can't believe nobody mentioned this yet, seems like this trick isn't well known or something….

    On both PC and Android, you can listen to Spotify (free account) without any ads whatsoever. On Android, just uninstall the official Spotify apk app from your phone and download the "modded" Spotify apk. Don't ever update this app, just keep using this modded one. It'll be ad-free.

    On PC, it's also really easy as well. Just run this:

    And there are plenty of other Github projects related to Spotify ad blocking, so just pick whatever fancies you. You could even just update the hostfile with the correct entries to block ads. It's literally that simple. This works all the way from Spotify version to the latest one. I've been using this trick for years and never really required any of the premium features. Song quality is good as it is and all I care about is playing continuous music.

    Also, a few years ago back when Spotify haven't updated their APIs, you could easily download songs directly from the stream, but that doesn't work anymore unfortunately (due to API changes).

    There's also another trick (for getting a Premium account) and that is to use a disposable UK number (which you can find online for free easily). You then set your country to UK and sign up for premium. One of the payment option was pay by mobile and you could just use the disposable number. This worked for a while until they caught onto this. I'm sure there are plenty more if you follow the underground hack scenes. I don't need premium anymore because it's just skipping ads that I care about.

    Lastly, there are plenty of Github projects on how to record/rip Spotify songs so you can play them offline:

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