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2 Cheesebugers, Small Fries & Drink $5 @ Mcdonalds App


This weeks weekly deal $5 for 2 cheeseburgers, small fries and a small drink offer only on the maccas app. Enjoy

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    Usually $8. I sometimes get this when I finish work late and missed dinner.

  • With the $6 bigmac combo + cheeseburger last week, I'm hoping they do the McChicken combo + cheesy chicken burger for $6 aswell 😁

    • That looks to be the new deal from the ad I saw which had it blurred out on eh wheel.

  • Loving these deals - rude not to take advantage really.
    My go-to is swapping the buns out for steamed buns

  • Anyone else have problems with the burgers being almost cold/tepid? I complained to the staff and the replacement was even cold/tepid. They remade me a new one out back and it was hot, but not sure if they have changed their processes.

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      I just realised this is why they taste bad, they were committed to make them warmer (buns,meat) but the burgers are still cold.
      Everyone i know said they dont toast the buns but apparently they do.
      I think ubers putting more load on.

      • There does seem to be something wrong with their processes. A big mac with tepid meat isn't very nice at all.

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          The big mac i got last week was at room temperature, they are really sandwiches when served cold.

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