Cheap Queen Bed Recommendation (Under $500 would be nice)

Hello all,

Looking to buy a cheap Queen bed for when we have guests stay at our house. Under $500 preferably since guests do not often stay the night.

Two options we've come across so far that seem alright;

TSB Living base & mattress $450 - $600
Mighty Ape; $500 delivered (& I have a $100 voucher = $400 delivered)

Second-hand is an option as well, but mainly for the base. Prefer to get a new mattress.

Any recommendations? Has anyone tried/purchased a bed from the above stores?

Thank you.


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    We went looking for the same thing a few months back.

    TSB were the cheapest of what we looked at and the mattress & base sets were comfortable and looked good quality.
    We didn’t buy from them in the end only because we wanted a mattress & frame (as opposed to a base) and we didn’t like the TSB frames. Got ours from iFurniture which looks like it has a shop in Hamilton.

    • Cheers for the response. Think partner mentioned iFurniture as well. Might have to go down and have a look.

  • All sorted team. Got a near new frame and mattress for $400 off Facebook.

    • That’s a good deal 👍

      • Said I would buy it then they changed the title from queen to double. "Sorry made a mistake". lol.

        • Better than expected behaviour from someone on FaceBook!

        • I spoke too soon 🤦‍♂️

  • All sorted now. Ended up going secondhand despite wanting new. $316 for a decent sleepyhead bed. Auction closed at midnight last night. All of the other bidders must have been snoozing.

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      Did you enter your own competition?
      That would solve all your problems.

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