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Oral-B Pro 100 Cross Action Electric Toothbrush (Black) $20 @ PAK'nSAVE, Blenheim ($18 + Shipping via Pricematch The Warehouse)


Found this deal while scrolling through facebook on Kmart and The Warehouse Hacks page, original price is $70.00 at Countdown.

The store for the Price Beat is Pak n Save Blenheim.

Chemist warehouse will also pricebeat with a additional 10% off which would make it $18 aswell


Can also get The Warehouse to beat their price by 10% which would make it $18 + shipping. Which is currently expired online but can be done in selected stores that has stock.


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  • Great deal! Just got it from the warehouse too

  • Thanks! Needed a new one with better battery life!

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      The battery is not really good for this one(last for 2days only after a year), but it's still a bargain for just $20

      • I have the same problem, the battery life is rubbish, i had a 1day tooth brush would last for weeks even after 7 years.
        My oralb now clogs up and i have to put it upside down in a cup of water after im done.

  • Bought one thanks OP

  • Cannot get it as the Warehouse chat is offline

    • Chat closed at 9pm.
      It will be available again tomorrow morning.

      Livechat hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 9pm
      Saturday and Sunday 8am - 6pm

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    Now $35 at PakNSave

    • You need to change the store to Blenheim. Thank you .

  • Any free shipping?

  • These are now sold out at The Warehouse but there is this one also at Blenheim Paknsave to price match with


  • It's gone, cheapied! Missed out…


    Probably targeted but worth a try -free delivery code

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      These codes are one use now.
      As soon as someone has applied it will be gone.

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    Warehouse said it was out of stock online even though it's not, I can still complete checkout, they just don't want to price match.

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    Just went into Chemist Warehouse and they had these for $55, showed them at the counter and they price matched PNS at $20

    • Which store was it?

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    Got it Price Matched Rn for Pickup Warehouse

    • Which store?

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    Price matched but shows out of stock… will wait for in stock.

    • Able to place the order now $17.99 great price

      • May I know how u place the order? Which link? The pns didn't show any discount. Thank you

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          You need to change the pns location to Blenheim and then online chat with the warehouse team saying price beat from this link (pns) for $19.99. They did it straightaway.

          • @bilberry: Oh thanks.. Just check it's out of stock now :( I will try again later.

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    Went to Chemist Warehouse (Akl CBD), showed them photo from this link: https://www.paknsave.co.nz/shop/product/5257433_ea_000pns?na...

    And they did Price match and gave further discount and made it for $16.50

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      Went to Chemist Warehouse as well and they price beat it for $16.49 for me. Excellent!

      • I thought they only price beat it for an extra 10% off?

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          Chemist Warehouse give you 10% off the difference in price.

          ie. Chemist Warehouse - $54.99
          PNS Blenheim - $20
          Price difference = $34.99 and 10% of difference = 3.50 (rounded)

          Price to pay = $20 - $3.50 = $16.50

          • @bigcheese: Damm. Most price match policies are 10% of the matched price rather than the difference.

            Do the people who authrorise the match in-store cross check the competitor price? Like couldn't someone change the price on a loaded page.

            • @OmgItsHeaven: Yes Chemist Warehouse is a bit of an anomaly with their policy.
              I can’t confirm how they check the competitors price as I haven’t done it myself.
              Going by some of the other comments on here though it looks like they just do the match and PriceBeat with your evidence.

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    Just went to TWH, they were a bit hesitant as local PNS was showing $34.99 on their computer. But when I showed them on my phone they did the price beat :)

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    Damn, I just bought this 3 days ago at Chemist Warehouse for $55….

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      Time to buy a new and sealed unit from TWH for $17.99 and then return that to CW.

      Unless they have a no returns policy for hygiene items

  • Chemist warehouse much better in stock and price, don't bother from the warehouse as it comes back in stock once in 2 hours…

    • Yee, I got one from the Chemist Warehouse from Queen St for $16.50

  • Purchased instore from Chemist Warehouse. Just showed them the Park N Save Blenheim price . Thanks OP

  • Also got the price beat from Chemist Warehouse (Hamilton Central, last one on the shelf). They were VERY surprised by the low price at PNS and actually somewhat reluctant to believe it. There were 4 staff at the till checking it out and asking me about it. They put it through though and the supervisor said they were going to look out back for another one for themselves! 😆

    Forgot to thank the OP! Cheers, great find and share!

  • I went to The Warehouse Hornby, they refused to price match because it is not a native Paknsave and it is not able to order it online from Paknsave and deliver to CHC.

    • I order online and able to price match.. I will just collect it later on :)

  • Got one from Chemist warehouse botany today. They can't believe the price. Thanks OP.

  • Pak n Save Blenheim have how many of this left? Is Diplomat giving them these for free or something?

  • I bought one at the Chemist Warehouse South City (Christchurch). Thanks for sharing the deal!

  • I tried Royal Oak Warehouse, said they had stock. I turned up around 30-45 mins later, they had none left - was strange as the app then said "Limited Stock" when I checked again.

    I got a couple from Chemist Warehouse in Onehunga yesterday, they cleared the shelves and put them out the back (could overhear them when I asked for the price match).
    Was pretty difficult to price match, sat there for around 10-15mins to get it completed

    I got a couple more from Chemist Warehouse in St Lukes (again shelves were cleared out), but spotted a couple up the top in the storage area. Easy as the price match.

    I suspect TWH & Chemist Warehouse are catching onto this deal

    Thanks OP

    • I suspect people trawling around stores buying multiples might contribute to them catching on.

      • Yeah, I'm sure - my wife and I purchased one each.

        • Apologies if I misread your post, I understood it to mean you bought two at two different stores? Nothing to say one can’t or shouldn’t do this of course, just an observation on why retailers would be moved to protect their profits is all. Obviously they would very likely be making a significant loss on these price beats, which is the potential cost of having such a guarantee, but you can’t fault them for removing stock from shelves to mitigate further losses when it’s made apparent that people are cashing in.

          • @JedEnzed: Yeah, we got a couple more for mother and mother-in-law for mothers day. I'm sure people would have abused this and taken to reselling these. Not our intent at all.

            I'm not sure your point though - Cheapies is focused around the consumer/bang for the buck, and not looking after the interest of corporate profits, in particular during these tough times?

  • Tried at Chemist warehouse, Chch central. Bought 2 but different from the one posted since those ones were not in stock when we arrived but were lucky enough to get the other model.

  • This deal still working.
    Was able to pricematch with TWH via pns blenheim.

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