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PS5 Disk Version + 2 Games & Controllers (Rainbow Six Extraction, Just Dance 2021) $899.10 (+ Shipping non-MClub) @ The Market


Original coupon deal

This deal is back in-stock and available on The Market. Credit to HappyChipMonk for the heads-up.

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  • Just placed an order through warehouse for $995

    • get it from market and cancel warehouse order?

      • Holding it out in case market doesn't fulfill the order

        • Hello

          Happy to say, an item from your order has shipped and is now on its way to you.

          You can track your delivery directly with Courier Post.

          Mine is on it's way :)

  • That's more like it, an actual good deal on a PS5 bundle, now to cancel the one I bought last night.

  • Great price, but I don't needed it lol

  • Great deal, thank you.

    • Mine is shipped.

  • All of the normal posted coupon codes exclude Playstation 5 consoles in their individual coupon terms here:


    That being said I can't see this coupon listed but be aware they may decline and choose to refund you.

    • Should be fine

      "Minimum spend $0.1 (excludes shipping and alcohol and Apple products). One time use only. Expires 10/May/2022."

      • fingers crossed it works out for people who try it :)

  • Considering the disk version goes for $800 retail… this bundle is amazing with 10% off

  • Showing out of stock. Didn't take long!

  • Too good to pass up! I sold my PS5 months ago as not getting much use and got 30% more than I bought it for a year on!!!! So to get it back again for this price is stonkingly great. I'm gonna just dance like a freekin maniac. I don't even know what just dance is.

  • Any one bought it at $899 successfully? Thanks.

    • Yes with the code, just 5 mins ago.

  • I finally decided to bite the bullet and get one but I was too slow. Bugger.

    • +2

      The Warehouse has them back in stock, but no 10% off coupon for them unfortunately.

  • Its been cheapied

  • Thanks OP for sharing, and good luck to those who have ordered.

  • Shows in stock right now.

    • And sold out

      • Thanks.

  • +2

    Available again.

  • +2

    Back in stock :)

  • +1

    55 remaining.

  • got from the market! still alive there

  • 11 left

  • This quantity is currently out of stock

  • Just received an email that my order has been picked up by CourierPost.

  • Stork is in Airport Oaks, baby due date 11/05/22 woot!

    • did yours go through with the discount ?

      • +1

        When they show the receipt or tracking details it shows as $999 and I get a mini heart attack but scroll down and final price is $899. I'll check my CC when back home. So the discount worked fine. Great timing for this deal and the 10% off.

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