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Free Parking Session with Parkable App


Claim your free session

1) Open the Parkable app

2) Load your voucher
Enter your promo code in the 'Voucher codes' section of your Parkable app by the 18th of May.


3) Start parking
Find a park on the Parkable app. Reserve 30 mins in advance or arrive and hit 'Start parking'. Your voucher will be automatically applied!*

This is a great deal, used a few times with similar codes before and no problems. Use the 30 mins free reservation too so you don't drive to a bay that's suddenly taken!

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  • The Australian code not currently active. Is it working for anyone else?

    • No

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks. I'm trying to use if for the first time but it is applying this new voucher code instead of an older code I already had.
    Is there a way to choose which voucher I can use?

    • +1

      It will automatically choose the voucher for you.
      You wouldn't have loaded an Australian code last time would you?
      I have done this in the past - the app will allow you to load the Oz codes but will not use them in NZ.

      • It was the NZ code from last month. It says it's valid until today. I'll just have to use the new voucher today

        • Yes unfortunately we will not be able to choose the voucher. It just picks up automatically.

  • AU code is not working, they likely fixed it?

    • Assume so, you would have thought the original poster would have tried it out.

      • Well not really - i added for any of the ozzy people but given its a NZ deals site have no reason to add or try it reducing the number of chances of others being able to actually use it.

    • +2

      Code is AUS not AU that's why.
      Post is now corrected.

      • Used too many times now

      • Thank you for amending. Just got an email of the error they made

  • Is there a time limit? Could I stay parked for say 4 hours, for example, completely free?

    Thanks for the help.

    • +1

      Yes you can.
      Your parking session is free until the time the carpark closes.
      Not sure what the maximum time is if it was for a 24 hr carpark but I know you can park for a long time.

      Tip: Don't load your credit card on the app.
      It's not needed for the free sessions and stops you getting accidentally debited if you don't have an applicable coupon.
      If it asks for your credit card when parking then you don't have a coupon available.

  • Voucher code is not working anymore

  • Heya, I was just wondering where one finds out about these codes, is there a newsletter or something I can sign up to?

    • I only got sent the code once and that was in an email from Parkable not long after I signed up with the app.
      Easiest way is just to check Cheapies - codes usually come out in the first week of the month.

      You can set an alert for yourself by searching for 'Parkable' and then click the 'Create Alert'.
      This will send you an email whenever someone posts with the word 'Parkable'.

  • I just tried this code and it worked

    "1 free casual parking session" - New Zealand
    Expires 10th June

  • Just tried the nz code and it worked. Expires 12th June

  • NZ code still worked today. Expires 17th June

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