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Play the Autumn Adventure Snatch game for your chance to win a share of 25,000 Flybuys (Requires Flybuys Account)



Closing Date 12/05/2022


Description 100x 250 bonus Flybuys; instant prize up to 50 Flybuys
No. of Prizes 100

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Account/Membership

You could win bonus Flybuys instantly when you play. Plus, for every day you play, you'll be entered in the draw to win a share of 25,000 bonus Flybuys.

  • There are 100 prizes of 250 bonus Flybuys.
  • Instant prize of up to 50 bonus Flybuys.

You can only win an instant prize on your first play of the day and you will only receive one entry into the prize draw on each day you play and, if chosen as a winner, may only win one Autumn Prize in the TNZ Autumn Prize Draw.

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  • Thanks Wakrak. Best score so far 411 :(

    • +1

      426 🤓

  • Thanks for the post.

  • Ok this is so bad of me and takes the fun out of this game but I just flick left to right fast the whole time to get them all 😅

  • Finally got an instant prize. 10 points.

  • Got a 15 just then first attempt

  • Has anyone got higher than 426

    • I got 429 a couple of times. It's not really a game of skill. There needs to be some negative points in there somewhere to keep it interesting.

      • It's funny I cap at 426 everytime

  • Looks like it's over.
    That will teach me for waiting until this late in the day.

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