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Free Bath Bombs @ LUSH (In-Store; Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin)


From their Youtube:

On Wednesday 27th of April you can head to your nearest Lush shop and pick up a bath bomb to take home while stocks last. Lush staff will help you navigate their selection of bath bombs available in-store to find the one most suitable for your 'me-moment' this World Bath Bomb day.

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Bath Bombs.

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    Shop 1, Ground Floor, Landmark House
    189 Queen Street

    238 Broadway

    Shop S050, Sylvia Park Shopping Centre
    286 Mt Wellington Hwy

    Shop R43-A, The Base
    Te Rapa Road

    LUSH Old Bank
    Old Bank Arcade
    233 - 237 Lambton Quay

    Ground Level, Northlands Shopping Centre
    34/55 Main North Road

    Shop G.02, Wall Street Retail
    209-233 George Street

  • I had a look at the website, was pre-registering required or can you just roll up and grab one?

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      You can just rock up. The promo only applies to a select number of bath bombs

      • I just sent husband to the nearest store and he was given a couple - thank you so much! I have a spa bath too so that'll be a fun party! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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          Would be wary about using bath bombs in a jet tub. You would need to fill it back up again with clean water immediately after to wash out the jets, otherwise there could be more damage than one would expect. Just wanted to make sure you knew in case.

          • @Bill: Yes, they are not for use with pumps or filters.

          • @Bill: Yes, I know. We do the cleanup after with dishwashing liquid + bleach and run the pumps for 15 minutes.
            I only use the bath once or twice a year (myself - the kids use it more often), so I do a full pump clean then.

            I failed to think someone would bring that up! ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

            • @tatianawise: Doesn't it take like 6 hours to heat up a spa pool?

              • @turtleattacks: No, a spa bath. Fill it up with hot water, ours has pumps.

                Rental, so don't ask me how come we have one. Came with the house ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    just went into the Wellington store and said I got a notification and I got to choose one from 6 (went for the sex bomb of course)

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      Geez, that's the one I wanted but apparently the store my husband went to they had pre-selected some and had it separately.

      As a positive, he said that the chick there was sooooo nice and friendly and when he said "I came in because my wife asked" she was so impressed, she gave him two.

  • Went into the Queen St store and mentioned this! They were nice!

    • Lady super nice when I was there too! Deserves a reward!

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    Being tall af and barely fitting in my bath isn't going to stop me using my free bomb. Cold knees be damned, I deserve some pampering!

  • What is the magic word when we go inside their store? Do we need to tell them something so that we can get the free bath bomb? Lol help a guy out

    • I just went up to the staff and told them I saw a free bath bomb promo and they gave me one :)

      • Thanks. I told the staff and gave me the free one.

  • Got one at Newmarket with my very reluctant partner. When I mentioned the promo they said โ€œoh yes just have a look around the store first in case thereโ€™s anything else you fancyโ€ so I loitered for a bit and then left with my freebie.

    • Yeah they pushed me to buy something too. I just told them it's my first time and I'd like to try before buying another

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