[PS4, PS5, PS Plus] May Free Games - FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, Curse of The Dead Gods @ PlayStation


Enjoy :)

  • FIFA 22
  • Tribes of Midgard
  • Curse of The Dead Gods

Thanks to Dealbot at Ozbargain

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  • Weird that Fifa 22 would be added to PS+ before it gets added to EA Play. This game is also around $18 preowned at EB Games if anyone is interested.

  • I guess this is why tribes of midguard was only $5 last week! Dang, I bought two copies for my son and I to play together!!

    • I did the same… Ah well, always handy to have spare PS4 game cases!

  • +1

    I'm not buying anything untill I find out what's free on the new subscription service.

    • It's like buying a mystery box from The Market / 1-Day. Go for it! ;)

    • +1

      PlayStation Plus Extra
      • Provides all the benefits from the Essential tier
      • Adds a catalogue of up to 4001 of the most enjoyable PS4 and PS5 games, including:
      o Death Stranding
      o God of War
      o Mortal Kombat 11
      o Returnal
      o Marvel’s Spider-Man
      o Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
      • New games will be added to the Game Catalogue every month while others may leave the service.

      • Not bad. Hopefully it goes on special like the standard sub did. I have about 2 years left on my sub after buying a few on sale.
        "while others may leave the service" - mmm

        • I believe if you get a sub to the Sony streaming games service when on special it gets auto updated to the new plus extra.

          I already just subbed a year of ps plus in Jan so waiting to see what upgrade cost will be.

          • @waxernz: A service that isn't sold in NZ, to get the old sub you need an account in a supported region.

            I've got a uk account and did get ps now when tmit was £20 for a years worth and that runs out in October. It's very ambiguously worded about what those if us with both memberships will be upgraded to and for how long. If I see a ps+ offer I might stick a couple if years on with the hope it will all be cjnverted to the top tier for half the money.

          • @waxernz: Also it's coming out of the woodwork Sony have no idea what they are doing. Their emails say if you have ps+ and ps now you get the tip tier until the later expiry date. Their online chat is now saying you will be downgraded to the essential tier if you ps now expires before your ps+.

            They have now also blocked people stacking services using codes and just not told anyone, so people are buying ps+ codes and can't redeem them.

  • +1

    Are these actually free, or would you need to pay to subscribe to PS+ first?

    • Requires PlayStation Plus

      • Okay.

        Not really 'free' for PS4 and PS5 then - only PS Plus? Bit misleading?

        Isn't that like me posting a deal that you can watch XYZ 'free' on Netflix (once you've paid for the subscription)?

        • You’re right but OP did put PS+ in the title and did not mark it as a freebie. Guess it could be worded better to make it more obvious.

          I’ll be posting something similar (Amazon Prime Gaming free games) in a couple of days (already posted on OzBargain, just like to wait until it’s closer to the date).

          • -1

            @Wakrak: First to note that the site is glitching again, so it is possible we are seeing different titles, but I see (as of 20220429 - 1140hrs):

            [PS4, PS5, PS Plus] May Free Games

            That seems to say that there are free games on PS4, PS5, and PS Plus in May.

            Not sure what it means to mark it as a 'Freebie' (a tag perhaps), but it says 'Free' in the title (that I am seeing).

            If it had just said :

            [PS Plus] May Free Games

            then that would be fair, albeit kind of pointless I would think (I assume the purpose of subscribing is to get free games, but I'm not certain about that).

            However, if it meets the site guidelines, that is perhaps a problem with the guidelines, rather than a misleading (individual) post perhaps.

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