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Kit Kat Choc Cookie Collision & Mint Cookie Fudge 45g $0.69 Each @ PAK'n SAVE, Dunedin (Instore Only)


Shortdated, BB May 2022. Looks like they're $1.60+ in other stores. And no that isn't a photo of my shopping trolley.

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    I like how the trollley is next to the 'low carb' wraps.
    Life's all about balance right?

  • I couldn't get the photo uploader to work when creating the deal, I chose my file, a 1.65mb jpeg, uploaded, then when I went to publish it it kept telling me I needed to add a url to the product. Ended up using an external image hosting site. What was I doing wrong?

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      Everything sounds right.
      It wasn't the 'alternative store link' that it was asking you to add was it?
      I know the times I've uploaded an image I have entered the store url into that field as Cheapies has no idea which store to tag it to if it is just an image file.

      Otherwise send a report to a moderator and ask them for ideas - you can even 'report' your own comment and message them that way.

      • That sounds about right

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      Similar to what bigcheese said, might be because you didn't fill out the alternative store box correctly. I just uploaded your image to my files, made it the main link and then added paknsave.co.nz as the alternative store. No issues.

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        Cheers man

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    • Nice

      • Rawe

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    Funny number

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