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View Products Range and Compare Pricing at Your Local Favourite Supermarkets @ Grocer.nz


View Products Range and Compare Pricing at Your Local Favourite Supermarkets at Grocer.nz

Not a deal as such, but being that we're all Cheapies I thought I'd post it as it has the potential to save all of us some cash.

I stumbled upon the site on Facebook. It calls itself "a grocery price comparison app for Kiwis".

With the number of prices on products that vary from week to week and store to store this could be a good way for you to help keep on top of your budget.

The site currently compares Countdown, New World and Pak n Save stores.

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  • Saw this on Stuff the other day. Site looks quite useful I just wish Pak'n'Save and New World offered online shopping here in Dunedin so we could use it. I think it's meant to be arriving for Pak'n'Save sometime in the next 6 months so hopefully New World goes online as well at the same time.

  • Website also discussed here (Cheapies)

  • Feel bad for https://foodme.co.nz/ Around since 2019 (website registered 2009), no buzz. Grocer is a much better website.

    • I didn't even know about foodme until now. but one quick test shows how easier grocer is to use especially when comparing item prices.

  • Great site to use, having all prices at one glance makes it a lot easier. The 10 stores limit is probably okay for most users, but not me…haha

  • I'm guessing the site is in the early stages of set up, but with no supermarkets in Nelson listed it's of no use to me. The ease of use is good though and I'm looking forward to being able to use it.

    • Countdown Trafalgar Park is there but not much else.

      • Good spotting, I did miss that. It's a start.

    • Do your local stores have online shopping because I'm guessing your local store needs to have online shopping available for it to work with the website. Dunedin Countdowns work with the site because they all offer online shopping but our Pak'n'Save and the New World stores who don't currently have online shopping aren't available through the site.

      • That would make sense. New World South Island are supposed to have online shopping starting at some stage this year. Way behind the times.

      • That's exaqtly how it works - the store needs to have online shopping in order for the site to scrape the data.
        In Christchurch my local Pak n Save is Northlands but this is not on there as they don't do online. I need to use Riccarton, Hornby, Moorhouse or Rangiora.
        It's a good site, just a shame I can't compare to my local at the moment as the pricing varies quite significantly between Pak n Saves.

        • I don't understand why Foodstuffs in the South Island is so behind the 8 ball compared to Countdown when it comes to online ordering and delivery. They've been talking about doing it for years then we had 2 years of lockdowns and covid madness where many people started relying on online shopping for their groceries and still you can't shop online at most of their South Island stores. In 2022 it's a bit ridiculous.

  • Out of curiosity, is this just a web scraper that scrapes all the stores for the prices, or does it query the prices via API? Is there an Android app for this as well?

    • Can't find it in the Apple app store and nothing on Google Play store.

    • +1

      I'm assuming he is just scraping the data for the prices.
      The fact that he mentions in the Stuff article about he may have to shut it down if it became a legal issue tells me that he doesn't have API access.
      Also, it's not an app - just a website but an app would be great.

      • This just sparked a memory telling me that this is why similar websites haven't been done in the past (ignore my link above). Think I looked into this (supermarket comparison) a good 5/6 years ago and lack of API access was the reason something similar wasn't available then. So I just forgot about it.

      • This is why such websites should be run from overseas. I do expect it to become a legal issue if it gets too popular.

        IIRC Pricespy is Swedish.

    • Go to the web page in chrome in android. In chrome select the 3 dots and there should be an option add it to your home screen so it's like an app.

      • There is Web Alert (Website Monitor) app on Google play store which I use for price change or any new update on the page.

  • Oh man this is awesome! No more changing the stores on Pak n Save website. Thanks OP!

  • Damn, this site is better then I expected. Not even for the price comparison. At least for me, most supermarket sites are slow to load and find things, but this has super fast live search, and as a bonus you can search several supermarkets at once.
    Something I've wanted for ages, even just within the same chain would be nice.

    • +1

      Yea Countdown search seems slow compared to this!

  • Great Scott

  • Do you have to re-select your preferred stores each time? I can't see any way to create an account to keep the stores, shopping list etc?

    I guess they are trying to use cookies, but in many 'secure' setups, that isn't likely to work well across sessions.

    • I'm using Edge with standard cookie settings (and a couple of adblockers if that matters). The four stores I selected yesterday are still selected today.

      • I could use a different browser / machine, but that's a bit of a pain.

        Was hoping they'd have a user account option to store all of the stuff you choose (including a standard shopping list of products), but I don't think they do, at least not yet.

        Still, can't complain - good to have as an option.

        • Looking at the FAQ, looks like the developer has a few things planned (adding The Warehouse and finishing the app). Hopefully accounts are in the pipeline too.

          Could email him.

  • What can I say more. This site is great. Perfect for price match with the Warehouse :) Thanks!

  • Lots of people have commented that this dude has done more work than the Commerce Commission lol

    • The should replace ComCom with something that has more power. It's usesless….haha

      • +1

        Its hardly an issue with their power - they have that already.

        The issue is that if you work in a government department, your career prospects are determined by not making mistakes, hence those working there will err on the side of caution and the status quo.

        That's the way the 'internal market' at government departments works, and the people playing in that market (civil servants) are responding as rational actors.

        When was the last time you lauded a civil servant for doing something good / well - for most people, the answer would be 'never' (you personally might be an outlier of course, and if so, then bravo!)

        When was the last time you heard someone complaining about a civil servant failing to do something well - for many people the answer will be regularly.

        We get exactly what we (collectively) encourage.


  • +1

    I see The Warehouse has now been added to the grocer.nz site.
    Currently the following categories: Food, Pets & Household, Health & Beauty, Baby Food & Formula, Nappies & Wipes, Baby Toiletries.

    Really useful website.

  • +1

    Now all we need is a PriceSpy like website that takes the Grocer info and figures out the best food deals.

  • +1

    For all the Christchurch Cheapies, Pak n Save Northlands has just been added to grocer.nz

  • Super Value and Fresh Choice have been added, but I'm beginning to find that the 10 stores limit is not enough for me…haha

    • I can't see FreshChoice stores in my grocer store list either on the website or in the app?

      Which one is yours? Wonder if they haven't all been loaded yet.

      • You might need to reload/refresh the app as it doesn't do it automatically for me.
        Thereis a reload button near the top of the page on the website when an update is available.

        You can check when it was last updated.
        On the website underneath where it lists the sponsors it gives the date.

        Grocer can't guarantee the accuracy of price. The Catalogue is updated at 14/06/2022.

        If it doesn't say today's date then it needs a refresh.

  • Grocer no longer tells you when the website was last updated. Bit annoying.

    • I am now seeing the update date / time as per Jizah's post below - maybe just a temporary glitch.

    • Am I missing something? Mine says "The catalogue was updated on 27/02/2023."

      • +1

        I'm seeing it too now - either I just missed it (very possible!), or there was a glitch.

      • +1

        Yep looks like they've fixed it.

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