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Game Clearance Sale: Back 4 Blood Deluxe (XSX/PS4/PS5) for $15, Deathloop (PS5) for $29 + Shipping / Pickup @ EB Games


EB Games are having a clearance sale. Some notable items are Back 4 Blood Deluxe $15 (DLC alone is $40), Deathloop $29, few games going for $5, current year Madden and fifa games are $29.

Back for Blood

Check out the full clearance sale here

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EB Games
EB Games


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  • Don't forget to check out the games on sale in the save on promotion.


  • What's the deal with all these big discounts on PS5 games lately? PS4 I understand.

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      Suppliers or stores are probably overstocked and want to move as many units as they can before the new PS+ rival to Gamepass arrives in just over a month.

      • Given thought to which level pass you will get? Being able to replay old PS2 and 3 games would be gnarly.

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          I hate to tell you this but unless Sony make a breakthrough in emulation in the next month or so you won't be playing PS3 games, they're only available via streaming because the PS4 and PS5 can't emulate the cell architecture of the PS3 hardware to run them locally. The top tier will be offered at a reduced price in NZ and other countries with no access to streaming because of this.

          I'll be getting the 2nd tier, I can't see myself going back to play PSX and PS2 games, most of which wouldn't have aged well at all, when I can't even keep up with all the new games Gamepass is throwing at me each month and this new PS+ service is only going to make my back catalogue of modern games I don't have time to play even larger!

  • Just picked some of these up with Click and Collect and the original sale price stickers are still on like King's Bounty II says "Only $59" but I bought it for $5 and picked it up with no issues.

  • Absolutely recommend Blue Fire for the PS4. It's an amazing 3D puzzle platformer. Total hidden gem.

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