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Fuel Discount Day: $0.10 off Per Litre @ Gull


Just in time to fill up for the second long weekend!
Will update post with discount when it goes live.

Happy midweek Gull Facebook fam! ⛽️πŸ”₯
From 7am Thursday 21 April, until 12pm midday Friday 22 April, we're dropping the price of fuel. Gull savings are:
βœ… Excellent value
βœ… Available at all Gull sites, on all fuel grades πŸ“ gull.nz/locator
βœ… No flashy loyalty cards or minimum spend
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  • Time to get those vouchers too if you to the right gull sites!! Saved heaps of $$ overtime with those!!

    • Totally agree!

      Whilst the general discount tomorrow will be nice, its not much better than others do as well, but the vouchers are a significant saving of 10%, so currently around 26c per litre (if the current pump price was $2.60 per litre) - much better than 10c or 15c that they will probably do tomorrow. They are even better if you use 95 or 98, rather than 95.

      Maybe they will prove me wrong, and do 25c per litre tomorrow, but I am doubting it…

    • What sites in Auckland?

  • +2

    How do I get my hands on these vouchers?

    • They give you the vouchers inside the shop

      • My local has a speedlane that is prepay and is a few cents less than all the other lanes. Wondering if going in for a voucher is a better idea. How often does this happen?

        • Had the speed line a while back at the local one. Now removed and all are self service and you have to pay electronically no more cash. Haven't had the voucher in a while. They used to give it out when you went inside to prepay and could use it on the next visit.

        • The vouchers are a better deal if your local does them.

          If you can be bothered, and you use sufficient fuel to use them up, your best bet would be to put in a small(ish) amount, say, $10, get the vouchers, then go round again later and get more etc.

          • @Alan6984: For clarity, later has to be at least 2 days (well 1 if you go on Friday). The vouchers generally start on the Saturday after discount day, 23rd this time. Only one time I recall where vouchers where usable on the discount day I think they moved it one week. But yeah vouchers even without other discount are better deal than discount day + pay at pump prices most of the time, probably all of the time now that prices are so high. (In the past if they did 15c and 91 was about $2.30 with the 6c extra for pay at pump differences wasn't so great.)

            • @Nil Einne: I think you misunderstand - You fill up with $10, then go back, say, a couple of hours later, and put in another $10, and so on. Each time, you will get the vouchers, all of which are then valid for a few weeks.

              The vouchers are only available on Thu (all day) and Fri morning (unless they run out), so if you go back two days later (such as Saturday, to use your example), you won't get them.

        • The vouchers are available every discount day at staffed sites, at least in the stations I've visited west or central Auckland. However I think they may sometimes run out before the end of the discount day,

  • It’s 10c off - just checked on their website ⛽️

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