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Logitech MX Master 3 BT Mouse $118.99 Delivered @ PB Tech


Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Bluetooth And Wireless Mouse
Multiple computers, one MX master 3
Track faster - On virtually any surface
USB-C Quick charging

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PB Tech
PB Tech


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    $113.39 delivered at The Market with 10% off code.

    Model: 910-005698

  • Happy for you to update it with the lower price.

  • Really good mouse!

    The thumb button really sucks but you don’t need to use it.

    • I wish it was the easy-switch button, it'd make swapping so much more seamless

      • cant you change it with the logitech software?

        • Unfortunately not

  • Read about an interesting vertical mouse design in stuff today.


    They have a Kickstarter going for their new design


    It's made by an NZ company. I might give it a try. Even though I have used these Logitech mice's and have been happy with them. I do get wrist pain every now and then.

    • I have a Logitech MX Vertical and a Contour Unimouse at home and a Evoluent Vertical 4 at work but am considering going to a trackball mouse

    • do you have this one? i was thinking about them but i dont want to buy it only to go back to my other mouse.

      • Yes this has been my daily for over a year. Got it for around $60 brand new from Noel Leeming on The Market from a deal here. Good mouse, only issue I have is that it is quite light (unlike the G502 gaming mouse which comes with weights) so very easy to flip it over on its side when you move your arm from mouse to keyboard sometimes.
        Would also recommend pairing this mouse with a wrist rest.

        Note: Most other vertical mouse have three buttons on the right hand side where Logitech only has two. Sometimes hard to transition back for me from Evoluent and Contour Unimouse to Logitech Vertical

        • ordered one from the market, will try it out.

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