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Bravecto Plus Medium Cat Flea & Worm Treatment $46.90 + $2 Shipping @ Jen's Pet Supplies


This seems to be their regular price but is the lowest I've found, even against sites that have a promo code running (I'm looking at you Online Vet Store!).

They also have the small for $42.70 and large for $47.30. Free collection if you live in Palmy.

Plenty of other dog and cat brand's on there too but haven't compared prices on those as we only use Bravecto on our three furballs.

Seems to be a nice small business…..

I graduated with a diploma in Veterinary nursing in 2005 and worked in a Veterinary Clinic in Palmerston North for ten years until deciding to start a family. I started off just as a little Facebook business page in 2015 and now 6 years on, have a healthy client base and decided it was time to take the next step and finally make a website.

These days I have two small children, this business gives me the opportunity to be both a stay at home mum and small business owner.

A big thank you to all my regulars who have stuck by me throughout the last 6 years and thank you to all new clients who have decided to give me a go.

I really appreciate it and always strive to do my best with fast, friendly communication and prompt shipping.

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  • I usually get my cag flea treatment from Petstock on an autoshipment, which gives you 15% off.

    Frontline 6 pack does my cat for 6 months and costs $46 delivered.
    Although, not every flea treatment works for every cat, so the bravecto deal might be a good one for any owners who need that brand.

    • We've also found not every treatment works for every cattery! Ours is very insistent on Bravecto and wont even take cats treated with stuff like Vitapet from the supermarket.

    • Two things. The cattery probably wants worming included with the flea treatment as opposed to cheaper options you then need to pay for a tablet (my break down showed about the same price). Also, someone on here mentioned get larger cat size if you can and use half tube-I bought a syringe to measure out. Instant half price

  • Have you purchased from them before? Prices seem almost too good to be true.

    • No, just came across it looking for a deal. Online Vet Store sent an email with 25% off using a promo code, taking it to $49.92, so did a Google and came across Jen's. The Mrs wanted me to get 6 so we'll see what happens.

    • Order just arrived so all legit

  • I have been purchasing from Jens for the last five years or so. Never had an issue - postage is super duper fast (on time received it same day!!!!) Certainly not a scam.

    She has a trade me store but if you buy off the website it is cheaper as she saves on fees.

  • I ordered mine from VetPost a few weeks ago for $49.90 including free shipping. Arrived very quickly!

  • If you're just after a basic flea treatment, the Warehouse have Vitapet for $37 (3 doses). Also Vitapet multi-wormer (4 doses) for $17 and standard wormer (roundworm) for $9 (6 doses)

  • We use Advocate flea and worm. Its monthly but its a good price on the market. $75.73 with free shipping with market+ and currently 10% off so $68.16 for 6 months.

    Much easier than trying to feed a worm tablet.…

    • That’s a good price for Advocate.
      I got some recently and paid much more than that.

      • My partner needed some a couple months ago so I got her to sign up to the market (with my referral) and we got 2x 6 packs to get over the $100 spend to get $20 off.

    • advocate seems to be the only one that treats intestinal worms.

      • Revolution plus. fleas, ear mites, roundworm, hookworm

  • We found, well the vet noticed first, that advocate wasn’t controlling the fleas on our cat so they got us to chnage. They recommended bravecto plus but had to give broardline first I think it was.

  • I have bought stuff for our cats from Jen before, including cat doors and flea treatments. Never had any problems! Delivery was speedy!

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    The cheapie way to do cats if you want to mess about a bit is to buy the biggest size dog treatment you can find. Then use the correct measured portion of that to treat your cat. Make sure the ingredient is exactly the same. Basically you are looking for selamectin. Often it is the same price for dogs with a much bigger quantity.

    Definitely don't buy kitten or light cats version. It's just less of it, often for the same price.

    • interesting, have you got an example of a dog one?, my cat is the size of a small dog.

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    Small world!
    I'm Jen and I'm definitely not too good to be true!

    I had never heard of this website but googled it as I was looking at my website traffic activity and saw a lot coming directly from here. Thanks Madao! I'm glad you were happy with your order. Also, thanks Juliette for sticking by me for so long.
    I hope others reading this will give my little business a go.

    Cheers Jen

    • Thanks Jen, our order of 6 Braveco arrived yesterday :)

      Cheapies is great and your honest pricing, compared to the big(er) players, was something I thought worth shouting about. We'll def be an ongoing customer.

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