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[PS4, PS5] Spiderman Miles Morales $49.99; Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Gran Turismo Sport $9.99; PS4 TLOU PII $20 @ PB Tech


Easter Sale on at PB Tech with some Playstation deals for the weekend

PS4 & PS5
Spiderman Miles Morales $49.99ea down from $98.99

Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, GT Sport $9.99 each down from $28.99
The Last of Us Part II $20

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PB Tech
PB Tech


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    While these games are cheap (and must plays) just remember that the new PS+ service is arriving June and chances are that most of these games will be included in their collection of titles that subscribers of the 2nd tier can access for "free".

    • Thanks I did not know this - so will those on the existing PS+ subscription just roll into the most basic essentials package? Cheers

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        3 tiers, if you already have PS+ nothing will change, 2 free games a month for the same price, this is the basic tier. Then the next tier includes the 2 free games a month plus you get access to a catalogue of what they say will be up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games from Sony and third party studios. The top tier includes everything from the first 2 tiers plus you get access to 340 classic PS1, PS2 and PS3 games, though in the US the PS3 games are accessed via streaming which isn't available in NZ so they said for places with no streaming they'll offer the 3rd tier at a lower price, and the 3rd tier also includes exclusive access to game trials (demos we used to call them and they used to be free but now you have to pay to access them apparently).

        Not 100% sure on the NZ pricing but the US pricing for the tiers goes $59.99/$99.99/$119.99 so in NZ we'll probably be looking at $89.99/$149.99/ and then $179.95 but they said it will be discounted so maybe around $165-$170 for the top tier?

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          I think game trials will be the full game on a timer similar to ea play. So you can just jump in give it a try and after the allotted time pay to carry on and keep all progress. Feel like it's much better than demos as it's no work for the developers and you can get beyond the sometimes misleading demo level.

          Our highest time will be ps+ deluxe which just ditches streaming. Effectively in regions with streaming it's merging ps+ with ps now, here it'll be new letting us download those old games. Still no real word on what we are getting game wise though.

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            @Everettpsycho: We won't get all games, with no streaming we won't have access to PS3 games hence why we're getting the top tier at a reduced price.

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    JB Hi-Fi AU still has a 2 games for $30 sale going on too + extra 5% off.


    Code: 92JB5OFF

    • Delivered by 20 June
      Australia Post Standard Mail (untracked)

      Good to know they ship to NZ but sheesh that’s a long time to wait.
      Any anecdotal reports of faster shipping?

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        I ordered when the 2 for $30 deal was first posted, still haven't arrived yet. Will report back here when they do

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        Update: JB Hifi AU order finally arrived today. Ordered March 30, arrived May 10

        • Thank you for the update!

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