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[Preorder] PlayStation 5 Console + Gran Turismo 7 Bundle $958 @ EB Games (Available May 13)


PS5 Disk Version Super Rare really good investment Super Rare Doesnt come very often Resells for about 1.1k



  • PlayStation®5 Console
  • Dualsense Wireless controller
  • 825GB SSD
  • Base
  • HDMI® cable
  • AC power cord
  • USB cable
  • Printed materials
  • ASTRO's PLAYROOM (Pre-installed game. Console may need to be updated to the latest system software version. Internet connection required.)

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  • +3

    It's crazy that these have been our for 18 months now and we're still having to pre-order a month in advance to get one. I'll keep waiting till something good gets released to play on it. Really not interested if they bundle in Gran Turismo to jack up the prices personally

    • +3

      Personally if an (bundled) opportunity comes up I jump on it over waiting.
      I have had a launch day one and they are such a step up over last gen even for PS4 Games.
      Have been plenty of good games and IMO it was worth it for the game collection it comes with.

  • +4

    I don’t like how a $819 RRP console + a $124 RRP game (which can be found elsewhere for $99 or less) equals $958…

    • +5

      Basically retailer scalping. Pretty shit when the consoles can't be bought seperately

  • +1

    Cheers, already have a PS5 but I also have a PS4 Pro in the cupboard that's a bit hit or miss when it comes to reading discs and EB are offering a decent trade in deal for the Pro so it feels rude not to take advantage of it.

    • What's the trade in price for the pro?

      • +1

        Brings it down to $682, wouldn't do it if my Pro was 100% but seeing as it's a bit on the dodgy side it's more than I'd get trying to flick it on Trade Me or something.

  • Also says May 13 2022 as the date, might pay to add to OP

  • Probably trying to increase margin on sale as many people buying digital games hurting their sales.

  • +4

    Really good investment? (profanity) off with the scalping.

    • +1

      Yea that's lolworthy but I sold my launch edition PS5 off recently with a 33% return after over a years worth of use. Better than a term deposit.

  • +3

    Damm this sucks they are doing this now. Not to make this xbox vs playstation but this is the same price as a series x with 3 years of gamepass if you use a vpn and gold conversion method. Just can't get away from the significantly better value that bundle offers over ones like this.

  • Aren't you guys glad that they're doing something to defeat the scalpers? Most scalpers don't want the free game so they'll stay away from it.

    • Every scalper will buy this, it's an easy $200 on TM after fees or $300 on FB. Sad to say but even the $1200 MA bundles are resold for $1500+.

      People need to follow https://twitter.com/NZRestockAlerts and turn on notifications for drops

      • -2

        you had the chance to preorder, should've done it before the scalper does.

  • get in quick guys cos this will sell out shortly

  • You can likely return GT7 straight away (for credit at least) under their returns policy.

    • Worth a try but they'll probably try weasel out of it but saying it's a package deal etc. So you'll probably only get trade-in price for it rather than the full $140-odd

  • +1

    GT7 is probably one of the most disappointing releases for me.
    Crazy grind, microtransactions… Nah.
    Maybe a PS5 in 2030.

    • i got the game for like $80 on special to give to a friend and its just a grind before this latest update,but it has ruined the game for some now,but they allow you to sell cars now.

      • That's good I guess, re-adding features they deleted…
        IMO no matter how many patches they do, the 70% of the base game will still be locked behind online features, especially when the GT7 servers go offline in a few years…
        Polyphony got too greedy.

        • It's not Polyphony's fault it's Sony telling Polyphony to add all this stuff into the game because Sony are wanting to cash in on the games as service market. You can expect to see a lot more games as service titles like Gran Turismo coming from Sony in the future if Jim Ryan is to be believed.

          • @HmmYepNah: I have no problems with games as a service, dlc or the traditional buying a full game. What hacks me off is games doing all of them at once so paying $110 to be greeted by microtransactions and big volumes of content locked behind a further pay wall, especially in a racing game that fundamentally works very well as a a1 player experience offline I'm the previous 6 entries of the series. Love or hate fortnite at least the base experience is free.

        • also if you have the disc, disconnect from the internet otherwise it will just download the game which is over 100gb

  • Link down

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